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Mini Cotton Wreath

April 20, 2018

I am a Northern girl, born and bred in Cleveland Ohio. OH-IO! But this buckeye married a Southern gentleman from Charleston South Carolina. Our home is a direct reflection of my taste, and I wanted to add a little bit of Southern charm. There is NOTHING more southern than hanging chicken-n-biscuits on the wall… but that’s gross so I settled for cotton instead.

My decor is farmhemian, a tasteful mix of farmhouse and bohemian. I wanted to add a southern spice that still reflected me, so I created a mini cotton wreath. I love wall space, and like the idea of creating something small that can be added to fill space or place on a shelf. Character pieces are unique to the houses that hold them and this mini cotton wreath is perfect for ours.

DIY Mini Cotton Wreath

Did you know that remnants of cotton have been discovered in Pakistan from as early as 3000 B.C.? Cotton has a rich history that goes much deeper than slavery of early American history. Cotton is in like 99% of clothes and even Eli Whitney owes his fame to the agricultured material. Okay, enough with the history lesson. All in all, cotton is a really neat material

What you need:

  • Cotton stem
  • Crochet hoop
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wood stain
  • Plastic gloves
  • Stain rag


First, unscrew the hoop. Each crochet hoop comes with two parts, the outer part has the metal fastener while the inner hoop is a plain circle of wood. We are going to use the inner hoop for a more seamless appearance. Don’t throw away the outer hoop, you can always use that for another project down the road.

Second, before staining prep a space that will be a safe spot to stain your hoop. I would suggest an outdoor, open work-space such as a garage, yard or driveway. Sometimes the fumes can be a bit much indoors so work somewhere with good ventilation. Place a sheet of wax or parchment paper down where you are working. Wood stain does stain (*spoiler alert) and you don’t want a brown ring left behind. Wax or parchment paper are water proof, and will prevent stain leaking unlike paper or a towel.

Make sure to read the directions on your stain can before starting as some stains or brands have different directions. To mix I just take my small stain can and shake it like a Polaroid picture while it’s sealed. I’m pretty sure this is exactly what not to do, but it works fine! Put on your gloves and with a screwdriver pop open the lid. Ah, take in the aroma… and now you understand why you need ventilation. Following the directions on your can, go ahead and stain the entire hoop. Set aside for however long until it reaches the desired stain. I typically let mine sit for an hour to create a rich effect. Wipe off remaining stain.

Third, grab your cotton stems and plug in your hot glue gun. While your glue gun heats up, play around with your cotton by placing it how you’d like it to lay on your hoop. It doesn’t need to go in all the same direction, and you can choose to adorn the entire hoop to create a full wreath rather than my example.

Once you have figured out your design, glue your stems in place. Make sure to pinch the stems to the glue long enough for the glue to harden, otherwise it may pop off.

Fourth, you’re done! And you are officially indoctrinated to southern heritage. No chicken-n-biscuits necessary. This tutorial is so easy, it’s kind of amazing. You could choose to add a ribbon to hang your hoop, but I chose to keep is simple. Hang your mini wreath in front of a mirror, on the wall, a hook or wherever suits your home best.


If you give this wreath a try I would LOVE to see it! Just click, post and don’t forget to use #beingmrsmcintosh.


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