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Dollar Store 4th of July Wreath

June 22, 2018

Summer is officially in full swing, which means one of my favorite holidays is quickly approaching. Independence Day! Mediocre movie but fantastic holiday. Fourth of July is incredibly spirited. With parades, hot dogs, hamburgers and fireworks it cannot be outdone. The traditions of Fourth of July are memorable. One of my favorite Fourth of July traditions growing up was being in our local parade and pelting parade goers with terrible candy. Good times.

As an adult Fourth of July hasn’t changed much, though I no longer parade down the road with my softball team and a bag of Dum Dums. However, it still stands as a day for over eating and celebrating with potentially dangerous explosives. Now as an adult Independence Day also comes with the fun of decorating my own home with equally spirited decor. Naturally I turn to my “do it yourself” methods, not only saving money but also creating a tradition of my own. This year I wanted to keep my decor simple, and as always low budget.

After heading to the cheapest place I know, Dollar Tree did not disappoint. After dropping an entire $3 at the register, I walked away with 2 scarves and a foam wreath base. Heading home I knew exactly how these gems would be used to create a very American door wreath. 30 minutes and several interruptions later I had my Dollar Store 4th of July Wreath, ready to hang and welcome summer at our door.

4th of July Wreath

What you’ll need:

  • 2 red, white and blue scarves from Dollar Tree
  • Foam Circle from Dollar Tree (found in the gardening section)
  • Scissors


First, assemble your materials on a clear work space. This could be a counter, table or a spot on the floor. After you pop a squat, go ahead and start creating your ribbons.  Unwrap your scarves and lay them horizontally. Simply cut the scarves into strips until the entire scarf is cut. Don’t worry about having consistent size strips or making perfectly straight cuts. Once we assemble the scarf, no one will be able to tell of any “mistakes”.

Then, take your strips and tie them around the foam circle. Double knot each ribbon, but make sure each ribbon is tied slightly loose. This will help us to maneuver the strips around the foam as we add more ribbons. Continue to tie ribbons, leaving one ribbon left.

Using the last ribbon, tie a loop around the wreath. This will be the loop to hang the wreath from a hook.

Go ahead and adjust any ribbons, filling in blank spaces and fluffing the ends for a fuller appearance. Make sure that each knot is on the top side of the foam for a consistent look.

And you are done! Hang on your door, entryway or fireplace to give a festive feel for the summer holiday.

This DIY is seriously easy, and thank you Dollar Tree for your awesomely cheap materials! If you follow this tutorial, snap a pic and post it on social media with #beingmrsmcintosh. I’d love to see your creation and feature it on my Facebook page!

Happy Fourth of July friends!






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  • Breanna

    June 23, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    This is so cute and affordable. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. beingmrsmcintosh

      June 24, 2018 at 12:16 am

      Thanks so much! The Dollar Store is seriously such a treasure trove!

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