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My Money Saving Tips

July 2, 2018
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Almost every mom loves to save money. Whether it be on clothes, groceries or getaways, moms everywhere like to stretch their wallets. But money saving isn’t just a surface level desire. As Christians and homemakers, we are called to be good stewards of the gifts God gives to us. That includes finances! Spending our money appropriately is a key element of that. As the Bible lovingly reminds us, “the love of money is the root of all evil” 1 Timothy 6:10. Money itself is not a bad thing. We do need money to eat, provide shelter, and clothing. But when money becomes our aim, we tread a dangerous path.

Financial wisdom should be at the forefront of our minds, and as moms is a skill we can instill in our children. Frivolous spending is an unnecessary waste of the gift God’s given to us. He trusts us with money and it’s important we spend it wisely and aim to serve him financially. Taking great care with the money we do have demonstrates appreciation for our blessings, and responsibility entrusted to us. There are so many ways in which we can do this! Here are my best money saving tips for a life of service and grattitude.

My Money Saving Tips

1. Try DIY

If you’re familiar with my blog you’ll know I am a HUGE DIY fan. But crafts aren’t the only thing you can DIY. Create your own organizers from old boxes, search for a recipe to mix household cleaners that don’t contain crazy chemicals. Try baking bread, or other “cheats” for meals. Pinterest is kind of amazing when it comes to discovering DIY projects from home decor to clothes. Search online to see what substitutes you can make for store-bought items. Want new throw pillows but don’t want to spend $20 on a pillow? DIY a pillow cover! Don’t want to pay $6 for 5 granola bars? Bake them yourself. It may sound pioneer woman, but doing things yourself not only can save money, but also gives a great sense of achievement.

For awesome DIY ideas, head over to my Pinterest where you’ll find budget decor and more!

2. Shop Sales & Discounts

This one sounds like a no brainer, but how often do you hit sales at the right time? Before buying, check to see if there is a sale coming up or if that item will soon be discounted. Remember that in America we love to celebrate each holiday with huge sales (like literally EVERY holiday). Wait until a holiday arises to buy anything from cars to clothes. Labor Day is typically the best time of year to purchase a vehicle since they’re bringing in the next models in time for end of the year. Check your favorite stores for semi- annual sales that may run cheaper than holiday discounts. In store sales also may be dependent on the day of the week. Target organizes their sales with a markdown schedule for each day of the week. Christy from All Things Target has an entire post about Target’s markdown schedule which you can find here!

Don’t forget price match! If you aren’t familiar with price match, prepare to be amazed. Price matching is when a store honors a lower price found at another retailer. Say Amazon has a doggie tutu for $5, and you discover that same product (brand and all) at Walmart for $15. Because Walmart is a participant of the price match guarantee, they will have to sell you that amazing doggie tutu for $5, essentially saving you time and money! This is an awesome tool for items that may not be too difficult to find in a variety of stores. For a list of stores that participate in price match guarantee, simply type “price match guarantee stores” into your search engine! You may be pleasantly surprised to see some of the larger retailers that accept the program!

3. Shop Second Hand

There are so many amazing finds at local second hand shops! Don’t believe me? Check out my friend @iuliasstylepile. She has made it her side hustle buying and reselling name brand items from Dior to Givenchy purchased from various consignment stores. Not only can you find name brand clothes, but you can also find shoes, accessories, books, furniture and home decor. However, I would beware of purchasing technology, or kitchen appliances such as pots and pans or bakeware.

If you’re not sure where to shop here are my favorites and what you can find there:

  • Goodwill: best for books, furniture such as tables, artwork or home decor
  • Plato’s Closet: teen/young adult second hand store. Plato’s only accepts donations of name brand clothes and sells them for dirt cheap.
  • Once Upon a Child (or local children’s second hand store): They sell second hand children’s items from clothes, accessories, toys or furniture. I love buying second hand children’s items because they are gently used name brand items at a fraction of the cost.

To find more consignment shops, conduct an online search for a local facility and don’t forget Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Letgo and other various online sources for secondhand items.

4. Quality Over Quantity

The cheaper toilet paper may be less expensive, but it also runs out 2x as fast. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be cheap. Spring for the better quality items that will last you longer, and in turn save you money. It’s better to spend $12 on Charmin that will last a month than $6 on dollar store tp that will only last you a week or so. Clothing is also something that is well worth the money. There’s no need to buy a $5 Walmart shirt that will get funky after the first wash when you could spend $25 on a high quality shirt that will literally last years. So when shopping always consider quality over quantity.

Here are the primary goods that pay for themselves and last longer when you buy quality brands:

  • Hand soap
  • Dish soap
  • Toilet paper (your butt will also thank you)
  • Paper towels
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Detergents
  • Home Appliances, ie. vacuum, microwave, etc.

5. Stay Organized

Have you ever searched the medicine cabinet and discovered numerous Tylenol bottles? I once found 3 bottles of dish detergent under the sink (I blame pregnancy brain on that one). One way to prevent from overstocking home goods is by staying organized! If you can see what you have, you will be less likely to purchase more than necessary, ultimately saving money. This principle is applicable to every room and is especially pertinent to the kitchen. Keeping your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator clean and organized helps avoid wasting food that’s spoiled from lack of use.


Before grocery shopping, do a quick look to see if there’s anything you already have on hand. Create a list on a dry erase board to write down any items you run out of during the week.

The responsibility of financial wisdom is a difficult balance and one that the Bible is very clear on. We are called to be mindful of our provisions and These 5 Tips for saving money help one to be sensible with God’s blessings. My Money Saving Tips are tools that help me daily in being financially frugal, and I hope they can assist you in achieving economical goals.

Want more ideas to save money?Look for this Friday’s post as I dive into specific ways to save money in 50 Simple Ways to Save Money”, with a free downloadable budget sheet!



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