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40 Simple Ways to Save

July 6, 2018

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This past Monday I clued you in on my top 5 Money Saving Tips. Each one is an economical cornerstone for my financial wisdom as homemaker in my family. And while those 5 tips are cornerstone to my intentionality with money, there are so many other ways to save! The wonderful thing about there being options, is that no matter your tastes, lifestyle or means, there are practical ways to saving money. And no matter whether you are saving for something big, or small there are ways to meet your goals.

Money is mentioned throughout the Bible in both camps of good and bad. As we are reminded in 1 Timothy 6:10 “The love of money is the root of all evil”. Keyword phrase: love of money, not money itself. God gave us this reminder that we cannot serve two masters, we either serve Him or money (Matthew 6:24). Money shouldn’t be an idol in our lives, and it certainly can be used for good. Money helps those in need, builds churches, supports missionaries, opens schools, rescues children from impoverishment, provides food, clothing and all that we need to survive. It’s easy to see why money quickly becomes a heart’s desire. More money= more things. But when we focus on finances we misplace our trust when it should be focused firstly on serving God.

The aim with frugal living and implementing ways to save should be to accomplish a righteous goal. Righteous goals plainly put are goals that serve God. They are honorable, forthright and pure. The object of what you’re saving for doesn’t necessarily indicate righteous or unrighteous (though some are pretty obvious), it’s the heart behind your reasoning that will always be the indicator. Motives say a lot about our character and the posture of our hearts and it’s easy for us to be misled with even good intentions. When saving be prayerful about what you are saving for. Ask God to give you wisdom and sound mind not to be motivated by materials things, but be inwardly motivated by His Spirit.

Simple Ways to Save

Often spending habits are formed from a young age, which is why teaching your children responsibility while they’re young is a great building block to a responsible future. Saving doesn’t need to be difficult. Simple things add up over time and you’ll soon discover that saving money is completely realistic! Right now we are saving for a house, which means we have weekly budgets. From time to time we splurge (on Chick-Fil-A because it’s DELICIOUS) but still spend within our means. If you have a difficult time trying to save money, collect your receipts over the next 14 days. At the end of those 14 days look back at your receipts to see where money went. Create a log or download my free budget sheet to write out what you have spent and where. This will enable you to really narrow down on what you can cut out from your spending.

Though saving money is super simple, it’s important to remain diligent. Seeing that extra money in your account can definitely be a temptation to spend. Here are a few ways to prevent you from spending while trying to save.

  • Write down your financial goals or dreams that you have planned for your savings. Tape them to the mirror or refrigerator to remind yourself what you are saving for! They will be a daily reminder of the bigger picture and help you envision your goals.
  • Have an accountability partner, or someone that you can trust to hold you accountable for your spending. Talk with them and be open about any struggles, frustrations or roadblocks you may be having in your journey to save money.
  • Make rules for your finances, ie. every $5 bill you receive will be put into an envelope and each month deposited to your saving account. Have set rules will help maintain diligence.
  • Don’t reward yourself. After saving a substantial amount of money it’s easy to want to give yourself a treat for being good. DON’T. Your reward is whatever you’re saving for, and any other “reward” will simply be a set back.


 40 Money Saving Tips

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here is a (pinnable) infograph that lays out 40 ultimate money saving tips. They are categorized into four parts: Finances, Food, Home, Miscellaneous. I guarantee that no matter your habits, means or goals, there are several helpful tips for you to save money!


Each of these 40 ways to save are not only realistic, but proven effective when implemented. If you are trying to save money, success is achievable. But it’s important that you stick to your goals. Find what works best for you and maintain those goals for at least a couple months. Track your spending and saving and over time you’ll discover what ways to save work best for you! In the meantime, click here to download your free Monthly Budget Planner.

Happy savings!








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