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Bible Verse Farmhouse Sign (Video)

October 19, 2018

Recently I did a very similar tutorial with “Upcycled Farmhouse Sign“, but you know what friend? You can never really have enough farmhouse decor (and truth be told, this tutorial was a last minute change of plans). Clay and I are in the process of packing up for a move! In 2 weeks we will be leaving our studio apartment life behind forever, and heading into a 2 bedroom condo. During the progress of packing up wall decor I learned the valuable lesson of why farmhouse decor is so fantastic. It’s wooden and little hands can’t shatter it.

One DIY sign casualty later, I decided that this weeks tutorial would be the replacement for my former favorite piece. As sad as I was to toss my broken, treasured decor I was excited at the chance to create it on a wooden sign! I plan it to be the first sign I hang after our “big” move.

Bible Verse Farmhouse Sign


  • 2 count 3 foot square wood dowel rods
  • 15″x 21″ plywood
  • Wood stain
  • White acrylic paint
  • Black paint pen
  • Staining Rag
  • Paintbrush
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Wood glue

This is a pretty simple tutorial, which is what I love about working with basic shapes and angles of wood crafts. First, take both of your square wood dowel rods, measuring 3 feet a piece. These rods will frame the picture, but first need to be measured and cut to size. If you are purchasing your wood dowels from Home Depot, they can cut them to size for you! Saving you the hassle of doing that step yourself (p.s. it’s free up to 6 cuts). On the first dowel, take your measuring tape and from one end measure 15 inches and mark this measurement with your pencil directly on the dowel. Repeat the same on the second dowel, measuring 15 inches and marking the measurement on the dowel.

Take your saw and CAREFULLY cut your wood dowel rods on the 15 inch mark, one at a time. Voila! You have two 15 inch dowels and two 21 inch dowels to create your frame. Set the dowels aside while we work on the plywood.

Grab your plywood, white paint, paintbrush and coffee. Sip your coffee and then let’s do this. Choose whichever side of your plywood as the front. Because we are painting it white, the look of the wood won’t really matter. Pour some of the white paint into a plastic cup or paper bowl and apply the first layer of paint. Allow the first layer to dry in a cool and dry spot until the paint no longer feels tacky to the touch.

While the first layer of white paint dries on the plywood, let’s stain the rod dowels! Grab your dowels, staining rag and wood stain and make sure you are in a well ventilated area. Shake your stain to mix the contents, open with a screwdriver or closed scissors and dab your rag into the stain. Rub the stain onto the dowels with the grain of the wood to make sure that the stain in well applied and saturating the wood. Make sure to cover all sides of your dowels. Let dry.

While the rods are drying, add a second layer of white paint to your plywood.

While those go grab a snack, Instagram stalk me at beingmrs.mcintosh or follow my DIY boards on Pinterest

Now it’s time to make something beautiful! The verse we are using is one of my favorites, so romantic (eeks). It comes from Song of Solomon 3:4 “I have found the one whom my soul loves“. Download the printable transfer here before we get started. 

*After downloading the pdf, print and glue the pages together to form the image below:

Now that the plywood is dry it’s time to transfer the image onto the plywood. To transfer the image to wood we will be using the pencil technique! It’s my go to method and what I used in my Upcycled Fall Farmhouse Sign tutorial mentioned before.

To see other methods for transferring letters onto wood, checkout my blog post “3 Secret Methods for Transferring Letters to Wood”.

Take the pdf image and flip it over to the blank side. Using a pencil, color the back of the image until each part of the image is covered.


Flip the image back over so that the letters are facing up and place it onto the painted side of the plywood. With your pencil or a pen, trace the outline of the wreath and letters. The pencil will transfer the outline to the plywood, which we will fill in with black paint after. Lift the image to reveal a perfectly transferred modern calligraphy sign!

With your black paint pen, fill in the letters and the wreath.

The final step to creating this Bible Verse Farmhouse Sign is framing! Grab the rod dowels we stained early and the wood glue. Apply glue to one of the 15 inch wood dowels and adhere at the front top of the plywood sign.

Repeat this step with the second 15 inch dowel on the front bottom of the plywood.

Then repeat this same process with the two remaining dowels that measure 21 inches, allowing the glue to completely dry after applying.

Once you are finished framing your plywood, your sign is complete! This sign is perfect for a bedroom or to highlight a gallery wall of wedding photos ♥

I hope you loved this tutorial as much as I did! Feel free to leave any comments below, I would love to hear what you think. If you give this tutorial a try, don’t forget to save this post to Pinterest using the icon to the left←. Don’t forget to snap a photo of your final product and upload to social media using #beingmrsmcintoshdiy!

Until next time fellow DIY’ers,







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