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The Ultimate Guide to Moving

November 13, 2018

Clay and I are prepping for another move! This will be our third move in our three years of marriage and hopefully the last for a while! With Ezra as a toddler and Esther on the way, I’m ready to settle in. 11 months ago we moved from our 900+ square foot apartment to a 550 square foot studio. For nearly a year Ezra has called a rather spacious closet his bedroom and Clay and I have had zero privacy. Needless to say, I am SUPER excited to have our own bedroom again.

With our upcoming move I am planning everything out to a ‘t’. By nature I am a planner and a huge fan of organization. If you’ve ever moved homes before than you know the process of moving is not always the easiest. There is more to plan than just packing up and moving boxes. Hence, why I’m writing this post! With almost 4 moves in 5 years, both big (1,200 miles) and small (a couple buildings down), I’d say I am quite the experienced mover.

The Ultimate Guide to Moving- Everything you need to know about moving! Tips, Tricks, Packing Checklists and more!

So, with all that experience I’ve compiled The Ultimate Guide to Moving! In this post I have laid out for you a moving checklist, savvy tips and a moving schedule to ease the pain of the big day.

Moving Checklist

I always underestimate the packing process. Since we live in a studio, we couldn’t possibly have that much stuff, right? Wrong. While boxing things up I quickly realized how much crap we have, and of course became overwhelmed. Having a list before starting to pack is a great way to put into perspective how much time and materials you’ll need to get everything organized, while also relieving any anxiety by having it all laid out.

Don’t let packing be a kill-joy in your moving process. Start a few weeks ahead of time to prevent unwanted last minute stress. And looking at The Ultimate Moving Checklist, there’s a lot to pack.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist- Packing Made Easy

The Ultimate Packing Guide for Moving- The Ultimate Packing List for Moving!

Ultimate Guide to Moving: Packing List- Everything you need to pack for your move!


The list may seem long, but don’t sweat the small stuff! Organize boxes by room rather than item, and take it day by day. Maybe one day tackle a room, then continue each day room by room until you’re finished!

*Print your free copy of The Ultimate Moving Checklist- Packing Made Easy HERE! 

Moving Tips

I shared with my Instagram followers that I tend to be a do-it-yourself mover. Rather than pay to hire packers or movers, I save myself the money and take it all on. Sometimes though this is an unnecessary stress and one of the many tips my awesome sister and I compiled for you. In the mess of moving it’s hard to keep a clear mind, and think of details that save you time and energy. That’s why these moving tips are so important! Read now and pin for later to help keep your mind clear and organized for the big moving day.

  • Pack an overnight bag with essentials for the first few nights in the new place
    • Toiletries
    • Cosmetics
    • Bedding
    • Cell Charger
    • Clothes
  • Make sure if you are renting to re-read your lease 2 months prior. Many places now require 60 days notice to ending your lease.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of hiring movers! If friends are unable to help, don’t stress yourself over it. Let the pros (or college kids) do the work for you.
  • Ask stores for empty boxes to help decrease the cost of moving
  • Number your boxes while packing and create a coordinating excel sheet with each box number itemized with contents. That way you aren’t opening every box searching for your pairing knife.
  • If you have children, have them choose one sentimental item (blanket, toy) to keep with them during the move to help maintain familiarity on the first night in the new place!
  • Keep a basic set of cleaning supplies out until the last minute to pick up messes or last minute cleaning.
  • Put any important documents in a sealed and waterproofed bag, just in case.
  • Have pets? If you know that moving or being in the car is stressful on your pet, make sure to consult your veterinarian before the big day. They may be able to prescribe your pet a sedative and give you tips for transportation.
  • Keep any clothes on hangers and cover them with a garbage bag. This eliminates folding/ packing and keeps clothes together.
  • Pack by room, rather than item type. That way you can put the box into the coordinating room after moving for easy unpacking.

Moving Schedule

By nature I am a planner, but not everyone is! (My husband for example packed his stuff in grocery bags the day he moved to our first place). But leaving things to the last minute when moving is a huge ‘no no’. There are certain things that should be done up to a month ahead of time, such as booking movers, or trucks. Having a one month moving schedule is important to keep the countdown to moving as easy as possible.

Pin the image below for later, and click HERE to print!

One Month Schedule for moving- All you need to do in the weeks before you move!

If you miss a step in the time indicated, give yourself grace! You are moving regardless and missing one item in week 3 isn’t going to delay the process. Print the pdf. version of this schedule above the image, and mark your calendar to help keep reminders.

Packing Materials

It’s all in the details! You can’t really move without first having some basic supplies. Not everything will fit in your hamper like it did in college. Make sure to start buying your packing materials early on, that way you can assess which things should be packed in certain size boxes.

*If you are moving close and making multiple trips, then you can always unpack boxes and repack them to save money.

Here’s what you need: 

  • Boxes- You can buy them at Walmart, Home Depot, etc. or ask a local store if they have empty and unused boxes for free
  • Packing Tape- Yes you need this
  • Scissors
  • Marker for numbering boxes
  • Bubble Rap
  • Dish Liners
    • You can also use dish rags between your dishes

Phew! Moving is a PROCESS! And whether you are moving near or far there is a lot to consider. I hope this Ultimate Guide to Moving Made Easy was in fact the ultimate guide to help ease your move. If you have any other suggestions for moving, I’d love to hear them! Feel free to drop a comment below with your wisdom.

Happy Moving!



The Best Ever Tips for Moving- The best list of moving hacks, packing lists and moving schedules!


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