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‘Why Hello’ Welcome Sign

January 19, 2019

Clay and I have been in our condo for just about 2 months and decorating is still a work in progress. I’m usually so anxious to get settled that I put up any decor we have without any rhyme or reason. But this time I really wanted our space to reflect us and our style.

Simplicity is a key element for our family and for our our entryway I wanted it welcoming but not overwhelming. Frugality is always a plus, so naturally DIY is my go-to. After stumbling upon some various inspirations from Pinterest I decided to give this sign a go and was so ecstatic with how it turned out!

P.s. Today I saw a very similar sign in Hobby Lobby, but wayyy more expensive. This sign only cost $.50. Say whaaa! I used an old frame that was in storage and a poster board for the actual sign.

Inspired to make your own? Let’s get started.

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DIY ‘Why Hello’ Welcome Sign

  • A frame (Any size)
  • White poster board
  • Gold Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Pen
  • Black Paint or Paint Pen
  • Scissors
  • Printable (included)

Take you white poster board paper and measure to the size of your frame! To make it easy, trace the insert of the frame onto your poster using a pen, pencil, marker… pretty much anything that will write.

Why Hello sign tutorial- Welcome visitors with your own welcome sign!

After you trace the perimeter of the frame onto your poster, cut along the lines. This will give you a perfectly sized poster board for your frame.

Let’s paint! My color inspiration came from Pinterest, but choose what works best for your space. I used an acrylic gold paint for the base which would make the black font pop and add an accent color to my entry wall.

Shake your paint and pour a small amount onto a paper plate. I applied the paint in a horizontal motion using my paintbrush to apply heavy, thick strokes of the gold, adding a second layer to make the paint opaque.

Why Hello sign tutorial- Welcome visitors with your own welcome sign!

Wait for the paint to entirely dry before moving on to step 3.

Time to add some words! If freehand isn’t your ‘thang’ then have no fear, there’s a printable for that! Just print off this ‘Why Hello’ document below, fit it to the size of your project and we can get started.

Take you printable and a pencil. Place the words centered onto the poster, words side up. With a pencil trace the letters, making sure to apply a decent amount of pressure.

After it’s all traced, lift the paper and you should see a perfect indentation of your words on the poster! Take your pencil and trace the indentations to create an outline.

Fill in the words! You can use black paint with a fine tip paintbrush, black permanent marker or black paint marker to fill in your traced letters.

Why Hello sign tutorial- Welcome visitors with your own welcome sign!

*Make sure NOT to use washable markers, they tend to smear and have a less saturated black tone.

Put it all together! Take your poster and place it into your frame. (Double check to make sure it’s not upside down, I’ve definitely done that a couple times…). Put your frame together, hang and voila! Why, hello beautiful sign.

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‘Til next time DIY’ers,

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