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Vinyl Adhesive Backsplash

January 25, 2019

Since moving out on my own over 5 years ago I’ve been a renter. The freedom of renting is pretty great. You choose the length of your contract, and have a big list of options! You’re also not responsible for maintenance (which is pretty awesome).

The one major downside to renting is the inability to make major changes to the space you’re living in. Renovations are a big no-no in the renting world, which sometimes makes it difficult to make the space yours. I’ve been struggling with ways to make our rented condo more ‘us’ and decided that the kitchen was a good tester spot. It’s white on white on white, open and simple to ‘update’.

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So, on a trip to Hobby Lobby I discovered my solution. After perusing the aisles I saw they had strips of vinyl adhesive and though, “Hey! I could make a back-splash with that!”. So, I did!

Score! After just an hour of my time it was all done and my kitchen finally had some character. Umm hellooooo easiest DIY update ever! The steps are super simple, but I’ve included my tutorial for you to follow if you want to give this “backsplash” a try.

  • Vinyl adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Razor Blade
  • Ruler
  • Rag

Here’s what I used!

Navy Lattice Self- Adhesive Vinyl
$7.99 a roll

Before you begin, clear off all the counter space in your kitchen. It makes it so much easier to reach the wall behind your counter when you’re not reaching over the Keurig.

Take a rag and wipe down the wall where you plan to adhere the vinyl. This will help the adhesive to stick without peeling off from dirt.

To maximize my vinyl strips, I decided that my back splash would measure 6″ tall. The vinyl strip was 12″ tall, so cutting it in exactly half doubled my amount and reducing my total cost!

(Yay 3rd grade math!)

*Before applying, I would suggest cutting the strips into a length no more than 1 foot. This makes the vinyl easier to manage, creating neater and straighter lines.

Peel off the backing of the adhesive vinyl and start at an edge or corner of the wall. Walls and corners have natural straight lines which will help you to maintain straight application of the vinyl.

It may take a couple tries to get the vinyl straight, don’t worry! No one is going to be coming over to inspect your work. Use the rag to rub the vinyl to expel bubbles and adhere to the wall.

If your kitchen is anything like mine then you probably have upwards of 10 bajllion outlets. This can make applying the vinyl tricky, but never fear, that’s what the razor blade is for.

Continue applying the vinyl until you reach an outlet. Press the vinyl as closely to the outlet as you can. Taking your razor, carefully cut the vinyl along the edge of the outlet. Voila! Perfect cutout. After you’ve created the cutout, continue to apply the vinyl until the vinyl strip runs out or you reach another outlet.

Once all of the vinyl adhesive is applied, take the rag and rub the vinyl one more time just to make sure all bubbles are out and the vinyl is stuck well to the wall.

Aaaaand you’re done! Replace all the items back to your counter top and enjoy your newly updated kitchen. Super duper easy, and if you ever get tired of the pattern, peel and replace! Vinyl adhesive comes off walls easily and doesn’t leave a residue, so you can replace the back splash as often as you feel like it.

Happy renting!

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