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Faux Print Art for Under $5

February 2, 2019

If you love the Dollar Tree as much as I do, then you are my soul sister. What I love about Dollar Tree is that each item is actually a dollar (or less). There is a treasure trove of goodies to be discovered, and uses to fit the imagination. Plus the candy section is boss.

On one of my trips there a while back I picked up a couple things, including peel and stick wall adhesive and a brown “wood” bordered frame. I decided to create my own faux print art and it turned out really well! It was almost too easy, so I had to share it with you.

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Faux Print Art- Love print art? Create your own for only $2!

P.s. just because it’s made from cheaper material does NOT mean this looks like a cheap project.

– 8”x10” picture frame
– Wall Decal
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Paper

Lay out your materials on a clear work space, table, or counter. Take your dollar store picture frame and disassemble it.

Place the back of your frame on top of your sheet of white paper. Trace the black frame backing on the white paper to create a perfectly sized background for the adhesive.

Then cut your paper along the lines you’ve traced!

Take your decal and peel it off of it’s original packaging. Peel carefully, you don’t want to rip your adhesive!

Place the decal on the center of the white piece of paper we cut earlier. Smooth it out as you adhere it to the paper to prevent any bubbling.

Place your paper with the decal into your picture frame and hang! And that’s all. No mess, no fuss, and best of all, it is literally a $2 project.

Happy crafting,

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