• Faux Print Art for Under $5

    February 2, 2019

    If you love the Dollar Tree as much as I do, then you are my soul sister. What I love about Dollar Tree is that each item is actually a dollar (or less). There is a treasure trove of goodies to be discovered, and uses to fit the imagination. Plus the candy section is boss.…

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  • Dollar Store 4th of July Wreath

    June 22, 2018

    Summer is officially in full swing, which means one of my favorite holidays is quickly approaching. Independence Day! Mediocre movie but fantastic holiday. Fourth of July is incredibly spirited. With parades, hot dogs, hamburgers and fireworks it cannot be outdone. The traditions of Fourth of July are memorable. One of my favorite Fourth of July…

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  • DIY Chalkboard Serving Tray

    May 20, 2018

    I love having friends over! Even in a small space like our studio apartment having others over is a great way to open our home and serve friends. As a kid my mom always loved hosting parties and having friends over. She bravely hosted endless sleepovers, get togethers, family gatherings and holiday parties. The hostess…

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  • Spring Sensory Bins for Toddlers

    March 9, 2018

    All moms love sensory bins because they are one of the best ways to occupy a toddler’s time. Simple hands on activities that break up a long day and are more interactive than screen time. Kids love activity bins because they get to explore new textures or objects. This allows them the opportunity for creativity,…

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