Soflo Wall Co. is a Southwest Florida based company that creates handmade home decor. Each piece is inspired by boho-chic style and uniquely designed by me! I work out of my home to bring you the best quality fabric wall hangings. Soflo Wall Co. is more than just an Etsy shop, it’s an outreach program. Each sale contributes 25% of it’s profit to a local organization Wings of Shelter, which rescues, rehabilitates and re-socializes girls rescued from sex trafficking.

My goal with Soflo Wall Co. is to help support my family, while also supporting these girls with a faith filled love.



The Full Story

Years ago (okay it was only 2 but still) I had the brilliant idea of opening an Etsy shop. After having friends encouraging me to do so, I took the plunge! My shop was Key Phrases and I was ready to take Etsy by storm. But without a focus, a brand, target audience or heart behind it, the store sat opened without a single sale. After a few months I decided to close shop and instead focus on creating my blog. With writing as my passion I launched Being Mrs. McIntosh, with a goal to enrich other moms and wives in their purpose according to God’s word.

A year later I decided to relaunch my blog on a brand new site, but the idea of opening a shop still hung in the back of my mind. What could I sell? What would the purpose behind it be? I wasn’t content with the idea of just selling items to make money, and knew that God had plans to use me for His kingdom. Through prayer and careful consideration my gears shifted towards my target audience, women. Women in crisis became my focus, and soon I decided that aiding women in crisis would be the heart behind my shop.

Heart Behind the Shop

God is so good and He quickly began laying the groundwork. Still unsure as to what I would sell, I at least knew the purpose and heart behind the shop and trusted that God would reveal the rest in His timing. With many organizations that aid women in crisis I turned to my church to find one that truly aimed to help rather than profit from these women. With suggestions for multiple local organizations that fit my criteria I had a choice to make. Do I donate to each of them, or work with just one?

Though I ached to help them all, God called me to one in particular, Wings of Shelter. In 2007, after 30 years of missions work, Lowell and Sally Senitz began Wings of Shelter, a center to rescue, re-socialize and rehabilitate girls that were prostituted through sex trafficking. I contacted Wings of Shelter asking if I could openly name them on my shop’s site as the donee from the products I would sell. After a brief conversation through e-mail, a meeting was set up for me to come and discuss my request.

Meeting with Wings

During my meeting with Sally we discovered a bajillion coincidences! (It was actually 4, but I’m a little dramatic sometimes). Our conversation flowed and 2 hours later we got down to the reason I was there. In total honesty I was so nervous! But God is so good. As I sat there sweating bullets, Sally looked at me and explained how over the past 11 or so years she has been approached with many requests similar to mine, and her answer to each of them has been ‘no’. Gah! By now my heart was beating, prepping for a let down, until she continued to say “But to you, I am going to say yes“.

Say whaa?! I wanted to stand up and do my happy dance, but played it cool in my seat. “Wow, thank you SO much!” I kept repeating. Words, and a happy dance just weren’t enough to express my excitement and gratitude. Sally went on to say that she knew in her heart this was special and we called our meeting a divine meeting, brought together than none other than God himself.

The Shop

God has brought every single piece together like a puzzle for this opportunity and in July my shop will officially launch! The Shop (I know, it’s not a very creative name but whatevs) will feature 10 affordable, handmade, wall hangings with 25% of total earnings donated to Wings of Shelter directly. That means YOU have the opportunity to help girls out of sex trafficking, just by simply purchasing wall decor.

As I keep saying, God is so good! He is faithful and I am SO excited to see what His plans are for this incredible opportunity. If you would like to receive sneak peaks at products, future discounts and more, just simply subscribe to my e-mail list!



To God be ALL the glory!


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