Our Story

I wasn’t always a devoted housewife. In fact, I’ve only been able to claim that title for the past 5 months when my husband and I experienced a once in a lifetime union together in Christ. Looking back to when we met, neither of us had any idea this is where our relationship would take us…

Let’s take it back to October 2013. I had just moved to Naples, Florida that August from Cleveland, OH (mmm, Great Lakes Brewing Co.) and knew absolutely no one except for the 15 students in my classroom and the cat in my apartment. Being a college graduate I asked myself “Self, what’s the next step?” Of course I was thinking relationally, but living in a city where the average age is 60 having a sugar daddy didn’t really float my boat. Co-workers being 99% women, I knew emphatically it would take divine intervention for me to discover my soul mate. So I did what any other 22 year old would do and joined Match.com. I winked at a few boys, but one in particular caught my attention. Was it his tall, dark and handsome pictures? Partially. But it was mostly the fact that he mentioned Harry Potter in his biography. Swoon.

I e-mailed him with the subject ‘To another Harry Potter Fan’. Those five words solidified our relationship. He renewed his membership just to find out who this Potter girl was, $30 well spent. We met over coffee, and talked for two hours. Throughout the next 2 1/2 months we went on casual dates, where I proceeded to spill soy sauce on my shirt & fall down a flight of steps in my heels. Despite my shortcomings, I should have known it was love when he asked me to be his girlfriend. And 11 months later, kneeling down under a waterfall (mudding his brand new Adidas) to ask me if “I would do him the honor of being my [his] wife”.

Such an adventure we’ve started together, and to think, it all started with Harry Potter.

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