God, Your Husband and You

Keeping GodWhether it’s Titanic, The Notebook, or Twilight (ya I just went there); in every relationship there’s a love triangle. The feud between two lovers and the constant struggle between choosing with your heart or your brain. Love is scandalous, love is messy and love is hard.  Marriage is absolutely no exception. Many people assume that marriage is a remedy for struggle. Thoughts like ‘If we get married he won’t need anyone else’, ‘If we get married we won’t struggle with temptations of lust’, or my favorite, ‘If we get married than life would be so much easier’.  Ha! Honey, please.


The commitment of a wedlock is so much more than having a bed mate. It’s not just a partnership of two people. It is a love triangle. The trio of marriage can either make or break a relationship, depending on your commitment to not just each other, but to the top tier of the pyramid.


Every Christian marriage has three corners; 1) you 2) your spouse 3) God. Guess who’s at the top? Hint: It’s definitely not you. Sorry sister, but you’re not the most important part of your marriage :/ Here’s a simple equation that is the KEY to a healthy relationship (healthy, not perfect). Picture the triangle with you at one of the bottom corners, your spouse at the other and God at the top. If you and your husband or wife make Christ your focus, you’re moving up the triangle towards Christ… guess what else happens? As you both draw nearer to Him, you draw nearer to each other. Boom. That’s it. Drop the mic. A simple concept, yet mind blowing, and if implemented life altering.

So go ahead, be an active participant in a love triangle, I guarantee you’ll be infatuated 😉

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