Pregnancy In The First Year of Marriage

Clay and I met October 2013. Engaged December 2014 and Married September 2015… 3 months later, we found out we were going to be parents. WHAT?! Let’s just say we don’t take the slow tracks anywhere. Though the pregnancy wasn’t a complete surprise, it still shocked the both of us. Standing over that positive pregnancy test I texted my two best friends “Holy crap I’m pregnant” with a picture included. They were as astounded as I was, and until I revealed our gift to Clay that night I couldn’t stop shaking and my mind was totally rattled.

It’s taken a few months to really settle in. I’m growing a human inside of me. My body is changing, my thin physique has morphed into ‘I look like I ate a huge meal’ and am in the between stages of looking fat and looking pregnant. I take a lot of naps, break out like a high schooler (apparently that’s a pregnancy thing) and have even contemplated what a pickle with hot sauce would taste like. Ya, I’m pregnant.

Getting pregnant after only 2 1/2 months of being married is exciting and confusing; the idea of our lives changing again so drastically. How will this change our marriage? How will this change me? Of course change is necessary, everything changes over time. Even rocks erode. I’m made to change. Our new challenge is working hard to change together. Maintaining focus on the one constant in our lives, Christ as a cornerstone. As long as we focus on the one thing that never changes, our perspective will remain constant. Establishing our perspective as being one, working together, remaining loyal and sharing common goals in parenthood.

Parenthood is going to be so insanely hard, but I cannot wait for it! The reward of being a mother will supersede any obstacles Clay and I face along the way 🙂





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