Connecting With Your Spouse

reconnectI am a woman of adventure, whether it’s eating weird or seemingly ‘unusual’ things, camping in the mosquito ridden Outback of Australia, or moving 1,200 miles from everyone and everything I know to start a life of my own. For those of you have who have been or are married you know that marriage is just as adventurous as any of the aforementioned activities.

Perhaps you feel as though maybe you and your spouse have disconnected, or the adventure that once was no longer exists. The fun shouldn’t end after the wedding! The old saying “ball and chain” makes me cringe. Your wife or husband shouldn’t be what’s keeping you from having fun, they should BE the fun. That’s the whole reason you married them!

Clay and I have a blast together 99.9% of the time; laugh until we cry and act ridiculous around each other. Putting yourself out there for your spouse encourages them to do the same. This weekend I definitely put myself out there when I decided to buy a pair of roller blades. I hadn’t bladed since elementary school (13+ years ago). Why buy roller blades then? Because it’s one of Clay’s hobbies and a part of enjoyingblades each other is trying things he or she loves doing. So Saturday I donned my blades and headed to a park with Clay. I was so slow, almost fell a couple times and was not very confident in my ability. But the views were beautiful and even though I may not prove to be the next Tony Hawk (or whoever is a pro blader) I know my husband appreciated me trying something new, and something we could share in together.

So don’t be a stick in the mud. No, you don’t have to go buy roller blades, skate board or go skydiving. Maybe your spouse likes to read, enjoys art or food. Find something they love and go out of your way to enjoy that with them. You never know what you’ll discover when you try something new. Perhaps all your relationship needs is a little adventure.

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