Making the Little Things Count

little things (1)When you think of a timeline of life you consider the major events; birth, starting school, graduation, college, marriage, kids ,etc. All these major events are the flags that fly on the tops of our accomplishments. Though these things are absolutely incredible, what I like to remember are the little things that got me there.

Our wedding was the most exciting day of our lives, hustle and bustle, photographers, loved ones, food, music, wine, gifts and a gorgeous venue. This was the day we had worked towards, longed for and counted down to. And like a *snap* it was over. The other day I asked Clay “What was your favorite part of our reception?” He paused and said “Honestly, it was a blur”. It’s true, your wedding will be done and over with before you even blink. So what’s the point? Most people identify a wedding as that ‘special day’ and the one day to celebrate the vows between two people. A wedding is more than just a day, a wedding and all the work that goes into it is only a small fraction of each day that you’ll live your lives together.

Clay and I have been married now for 6 1/2 months, but when someone asks “What’s your favorite thing about being married?” we don’t answer with “The wedding”. Being together is our favorite part, living with my best friend, constant sleepovers where romping in the sheets means something. Even though we are still in the newlywed stage I haven’t stopped trying to make the little things matter. Making the effort to treat him to breakfast in bed, leaving love notes in inconspicuous places or buying a card at the store with a simple handwritten sentiment inside.

These are the the things that create a marriage. We are building each day, piece by piece with each of the little things we do, so at the end of our lives we can fly a flag on our accomplishments together that waves the word ‘success’.

2 thoughts on “Making the Little Things Count

    • Being Mrs. McIntosh says:

      Marriage is AMAZING! I just hope this blog opens up some sleepy eyes to the wonders of marriage and everything it has to offer, even in the day to day things 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve read a few of the posts and you find it positive!

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