Creating Family Traditions

tradition.pngIt’s officially Clay’s birthday week! Wait, you’ve never heard of birthday week before? It is an existent unicorn and it’s history dates back to the early 90’s. Created by geniuses Dennis and Helen in a small suburb of Cleveland, birthday week has been a family tradition for decades. This tradition began as an insurance that my birthday (December 23rd) would get the attention it deserved; making it it’s own holiday separate from Christmas.

Birthday week is an entire week of presents, celebration, and eating out at said birthday person’s chosen spot. Balloons are hung, streamers strung and a special birthday poster designed after the birthday boy/ girl hangs on the mantle. So naturally, I am carrying this sacred tradition on in marriage.poster

This custom has become one of my favorite family traditions. Not just for a week of celebration, but because of the love that’s shared among family.  This year I’m beginning Clay’s birthday week on Sunday and it will continue all the way until Saturday… that’s a lot of days to plan out something special. And this is where creativity comes into play. Having opened his ‘big’ gift already (a fitbit) each day this week will be slightly less opulent. Gifts never have to be over the top, they can be as simple as a ‘favor coupon’, 40 minute back massage, making a special dinner, writing a jar of ‘I love you’ notes.

The grandeur of the gift isn’t the goal. The goal of birthday week is to each day make that person feel worth more than any gift could cost. Demonstrating the importance that person has in your life is what birthdays should be. It’s not a number, it’s not measurable; it’s simply being grateful that person exists and you get to share their life with them.

Happy Birthday my love!

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