Adjusting to Change As a Newlywed

newlywedIn the span of the last three years my life has changed drastically. I graduated college, I moved cross country, I met my husband, we wed, and now we are expecting our first baby in August. When I moved down here I knew absolutely no one. Traversing 1,230 miles from everyone and everything I knew was extremely difficult, but over time I made peace with leaving my old life behind. However, every now and then pangs of home sting and the emptiness of missing my family hurts. Especially with 3 nephews and 4 nieces growing at rapid paces and two aging grandmothers. Knowing that I’m the only one apart from the family, missing birthdays, holidays, get togethers, pool parties and growing a close relationship with my newest nieces and nephew absolutely sucks. Pictures are not nearly the same as experiencing them in person.

Yet there are so many things here in Florida that I could never pull myself away from, my friends, my church, Clays extended family, the life that God’s given me and all that I have worked on my own to achieve. Clay jokes about moving to Ohio…  but I don’t think I could actually ever live there again. As incredible as the emptiness is from missing my family, my life is here in Naples. How I get through those homesick days is simply by realizing all the blessings I’ve received while being here, and creating a home that is ours. It’s true that home is where the heart is, but I also believe that home is where you make it. It doesn’t always come naturally to call Naples my home, but in my mind I know this is where we will raise our family, buy a home and make our lives together.

Starting something new 3 years ago hasn’t meant that it has ever stopped feeling new. New friends, new marriage, new apartment, new pets, new experiences.  Life is always changing, it’s always new, but that’s my life, that’s being Mrs. McIntosh. 


Making it home 🙂

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