View of an anti-abortion mother

I am proudly anti-abortion. From the moment of conception that life is growing. If a fetus is not considered life, then when does ‘life’ begin? What constitutes life? Is it size, location, age, ability to contribute or provide? There are those who argue that in cases of rape, medical condition or inability to care for a child that abortion should be legal. What changes the value of those lives from others? Is it because if a child with a medical condition is born they cannot contribute to society? If that’s your argument then those who abuse the welfare system and do not work should not exist either. Or what about those in prison? They are not contributing to society, therefore using that argument those in prison should not exist.

If size is what gives us value, then a child is less valuable than an adult. A person of smaller stature is less valuable then someone who is tall. Women on average are shorter then men, are we less valuable because our size? If you argue that the unborn baby has no rights because they are in someone else’s body then location is where you seek someone’s value. I therefore may be more important than someone in another city, state or country. Currently abortion is legal up to a certain number of weeks in pregnancy. The states base the importance of life on age. According to that rule a 2 year old is lesser than a 4 year old, I am lesser than my husband, and my son is lesser than me. Age is not a very good scale of value, yet that is exactly the scale we use to legalize abortion.

Being able to provide for a child is a concern for many pregnant mothers, and many babies are aborted due to these circumstances. If I have a 2 year old and not enough money for groceries, can I let my 2 year old starve? Of course not, because that child is a living thing and allowing them to starve would be murder. So where is the argument for abortion? Wouldn’t it be great if there was some government program for children whose parents cant afford to have them? Oh right, there is. Some say that allowing abortion is ‘crowd control’, well then we should utilize death penalty and while we are at it, let’s just get rid of vaccinations and let nature take its course.

The argument for anti- abortion goes far beyond just a biblical view. It also stands on our constitution, philosophy and sociology. We as a nation cannot just change our ideology based on want. The argument for abortion is based on flimsy and hypocritical views. Women say that it is part of a woman’s right to have an abortion. What if the baby they are carrying is female? What about those rights? Basically those rights don’t exist until birth so the women’s rights movement is not for all females, only the ones that are born.

I do not hate anyone for their choices or views. I do however hate that abortion has desensitized our nation. We see abortion as a common occurrence, yet we ignore the truth behind it. Life is life and from the moment of conception (no matter your argument) even science considers a zygote to be a life. In my stance against abortion I am not against women, I am however against the choice to take a life.

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