Combat A Jealous Marriage

Jealousy is a raging monster, full of cruel intentions, frustration and a joy thief. In marriage jealousy is a frequent visitor, particularly in motherhood. It sneaks in any crack, turning a positive into a negative, leaving you feeling empty and annoyed. A week ago Clay left for a friends bachelor party in Savannah and was gone for 4 days. I was happy for him to go, but as I received snaps of their awesome time that happiness turned into extreme jealousy. While he was going out to breweries, clubs and speakeasies I was sitting at home taking care of the baby. I started to feel as though the situation was momentously unfair. Why should he be the one to get away and have a great time when I’m the one who never gets that opportunity? I was insanely jealous.

I know most mothers have been there. Motherhood is lonely and we get jealous of the freedoms most dads have. But if we let that jealousy manifest it turns into frustration, malice and animosity. Here are 5 tips to avoid a jealous marriage…


These are not the only 5 ways to combat jealousy, but helpful tips that will enable you to deal with those emotions when the moment arises. Have a tip that helps you? I’d love to hear! Share it by commenting below 🙂 xoxo

2 thoughts on “Combat A Jealous Marriage

  1. lauren.melanson says:

    I’ve definitely been there with the jealousy! I find that it helps to make sure my husband gets to spend time with our son for the fussiest part of his day… haha, kidding. But seriously, when I start feeling jealous I imagine myself going back to work and having to leave my little squish at daycare and then I realize that I am right where I need to be and doing exactly what I was made to do! I also list off all of the reasons that I am thankful for being a mom and it helps me to focus on the positive and the fact that this is such a short season of life when I feel so trapped at home and I know that I will eventually miss it.

    Great post! xo


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