6 tips to calm a crying baby

We have all been there, baby crying, housework and laundry piled up and no end to the tears in sight. It is so overwhelming that it seems like there is nothing you can do to ease the pain of his or her cries. My almost 6 month old has been doing a lot of crying lately, finding a huge attachment to mommy and being held. It seems like I can’t put him down for 5 minutes before the sobs and whining begin. Being at home alone it doesn’t seem like there are many options, however here are 6 tips for easing the cries of you baby that have proved to work for me.

1.Take a walk

I don’t know what it is but just walking outside our apartment door immediately stops the tears. I am fortunate enough to live in SW Florida where summertime is year round. If weather doesn’t permit you to venture outdoors, try taking the little one to a mall or indoor location that’s free yet enables you the ability to stroll for a little bit.

2. Classical music

I grew up listening to classical music and it really does help put a baby at ease. Play some Mozart, Beethoven, Bach or Tchaiosvsky. The elegant and lyric-less melodies are calming.

3. Ignore it

This is definitely the one I struggle with most. A mother’s nature is to come to the cries of her baby, but sometimes that can do more damage than good. Not allowing a child to self soothe won’t enable them to learn the habit, therefore they rely on you constantly for comfort. Ignore it by making yourself busy. Vacuuming is a great task that also drowns out the sound of their cries while also creating a white noise your baby may actually enjoy. Not in the mood to clean? Put them in their crib and occupy yourself in a different section of the house or apartment with a hobby, reading, etc.

4. Bath time

Ezra loves bath time, and no matter what mood he is in the bath always cheers him up. Play some bath time music, suds up the bubbles and create a fun playtime!

5. Say Cheese! 

Smiles are contagious and it is a proven fact that smiling actually induces the feeling of happiness. If Ezra is crying I try to give him a genuine smile while talking calmly to him. Surprisingly this works (sometimes). He smiles right back and though it might only be temporary, it’s a tear free minute for you and a moment of smiles for baby. It is also a great way of communicating your affections to him or her.

6. Sing

Hold them close, swaying back and forth while singing a quiet song in their ear. The songs don’t have to be perfection, sometimes I sing to Ezra about how much he farts, lyrics DO NOT MATTER. All the baby knows is the sounds coming out of your mouth are pretty (even if you’re tone deaf).

BONUS* Okay, maybe 7 tips: Dancing!

This works 100% of the time with Ezra. He has Clay’s love for dancing and hopefully will be blessed with his father’s rhythm. Take your baby and start rocking out to some EDM, Alesso, or any fast paced music. Rock them back and forth and move your feet. If you aren’t comfortable holding them while shuffling or dabbing, place them in a seat and go ham in front of them! This stops Ezra immediately and he always ends up laughing. It makes for great bonding and wonderful memories.

Hopefully one of these tricks works to calm your baby. If not, hang in there! Their cries won’t last forever (even though it seems that way).


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