Why You Should Be Praying For Your Spouse

Prayer is powerful. It’s a direct connection to our creator and is as simple as speaking, whether aloud or silently in our minds. Easier than picking up a phone and open for business 24/7. Yet somehow prayer gets discounted often in marriages for several reasons; lack of faith, spouses forget, or the simple fact that “pray about it” has become cliche making the actual act less of an impact than in really is. Wives and husbands are both called to care for their spouse, created to compliment one another’s weaknesses and strengths, co-dependent on one another for love, nurture and care. The bible has also called us to lift one another in prayer. Though this isn’t exclusively meant for spouses it doesn’t exempt them either.

So why is prayer so important for a healthy marriage? Some argue that prayer is irrelevant, God is omniscient and knows our thoughts, so why bother vocalizing them to Him in the first place? The answer is simple, it all comes back to faith. Yes, prayer is vocalizing to God what He already knows resides in our hearts and minds but coming to Him and believing that He will answer your prayer is what He desires from us.  The faith that bringing our concerns and praises to Him because we know He is healer. The second reason we pray is humility. Coming to God with our worries, sins and all that we carry demonstrates that we know we alone aren’t enough, and we alone can’t deliver ourselves through any trial. The third reason is that it acknowledges God’s power and triumph in any situation, no matter how minor or major it appears to us. Prayer acknowledges that Jesus lived in our place, knows our temptations and died to redeem us and that God is sovereign over everything.

Prayer isn’t just for pastors, it’s for the body of Christ, friends, family and especially spouses. Wives and husbands are in each other’s corner, fighting in prayer against daily temptations, worries, anxieties, fears, distraught, disease and difficulty. We carry each others burdens because their burdens are our burdens. Prayer is powerful and it is important we lift each other up daily to fight the good fight. Here are 10 ways to pray for your wife or husband.


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