Spring into Family Fun!

Winter is officially over and Spring is quickly transforming the weather from frigid temperatures to a more mild climate. It is time to get the family outside, have some fun and spend quality time together! Family time is an opportunity to pour into your kids, showcase your wild side and make memories together that they will one day reflect on with great fondness.

Clay and I know the importance of spending time together as a family and that time together matters a great deal. Although Ezra is small we want him to grow up knowing that family time doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in front of the tv or staring into our cell phones. After a weekend getaway in Tampa to visit close friends Clay suggested that we make one weekend a month time for our family to take a small trip. With meager means we understand that this doesn’t need to be extravagant. It could simply be a day trip to the Everglades or a day at the beach. And for the weekends we feel like that a day might not be enough we can take an overnight trip and Airbnb it for a low cost.

I grew up in a family that spent a lot of quality time together. My parent love (and still do) road trips! Summers consisted of going on vacations, visiting parks, taking day trips to places like Amish country or downtown Cleveland for a sundae at Malley’s. I have such incredible memories of me with my parents and siblings just simply being together, without distraction. Make an effort with your brood to create something special! Here are a few ideas on how to spend quality time with one another:

  1. Road Trip! $$$$

Saving up for something big? Plan a roadtrip which costs less than flying and gives you the opportunity to see the country a new way. Visit local hot spots and see some of the countries most exquisite locations! Need ideas? Try Fodor’s to see 20 Ultimate American Roadtrips.

2. Local Festival, Carnival or Fair $$

Trying to do something more local? Checkout a local Art Show which are typically free and always a unique way to view arts and crafts. Or visit a nearby fair or festival, search by state here!

3. Take it outdoors $ (Free depending on parking)

Clay and I really enjoy going on walks with Ezra, and love when we can find a local hiking trail. Make sure to pack bug spray, plenty of water and snacks for everyone. Try these helpful hints when Hiking With Kids. Not sure where to begin? Alltrails.com is a great tool to finding local trails from hiking to biking and categorizes by length and difficulty. Perfect for planning a family excursion.

4. Visit a City $$-$$$

Sometimes it’s refreshing to get out of town, even if it’s just to a city within an hour or two away. A mini get away is now affordable with online sites such as Airbnb and Homeaway. These two websites are similar in their services, each offering local homes for overnight stays. They are cheap, yet come with all the accommodations of home, ideal when traveling with a family.

While you’re visiting a new city make sure to check out the local hot spots as well as the touristy areas. Not sure what to do? Ask a local on the street or a shop vendor! The best part of visiting somewhere is seeing it from the eye of the locals.

5. Checkout a local museum

My parents always took us to museums, and I LOVED it! It gave me an appreciation for history and was never bored. Museums are also a great option to do something as a family if the weather is rainy or cold. Find a Museum in your local area or somewhere you are visiting by searching location. If you are planning to take little kids find out whether the museum is kid friendly, allowing you to bring snacks or water.

If you are just starting out taking your kids to a museum, start with something a little more on their level to get them interested. Visit this Children’s Museum finder to locate one near you!


Doing things together as a family builds relationships, extends communication and creates everlasting memories that will one day in turn build your children’s families. Never forget to have fun with one another, time is precious and irreplaceable.

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