Must have items for Motherhood

Upon pregnancy the do’s and don’ts along with a list of must haves can be overwhelming. As a first time mom I had a long list of “Must haves” for when my son was born. Seven months later half of my listed items sit collecting dust. If you really want to know what essential must haves are, follow the suggested compilation below:

1. Pregnancy Pillow

Though this is not so much for baby, it is a life saver when it comes to pregnancy sleeping! I didn’t find it handy until I was further along, but past a certain point it was the only thing that kept my comfortable. There are several variations, but you can find one on Amazon for about $53.


2. Boob Toob

This is a nursing cover that I get a lot of compliments on. Its elastic top and bottom are great for concealing and prevent flashing when baby kicks! Boob Toob is closing to re-open on their own website! Check out their Facebook page for updates.

boob toob

3. Earth Mama, Mama Bottom Spray

This spray is a lifesaver after a vaginal birth! It is an all natural spray containing coolant essential oils. Spray it every time you use the bathroom and it relieves a lot of the tenderness and pain that accompanies childbirth. Target sells Earth Mama products, and the spray is only $12.99.

mama bottom

4. Boppy

A boppy pillow is perfect for nursing and is a staple for all households with babies! They vary in price, but I would go with Amazon. Boppy pillows are perfect as babies get older to prop them up while learning to sit 🙂


5. Nursing Carrier

There have been SO many nights where Ezra is fussing and ready to eat while I make dinner. It is so difficult to cook and breastfeed a baby! Having a carrier that is also nursing friendly is the best tip for any mom. Check out the Best Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding to find which type works for you!

6. Girl time

Who said motherhood essentials had to be material? Girl time is a key element to maintaining sanity. It can be hard to get baby free time, but even just getting out and about with a friend (baby in tow) helps the loneliness and suffocation we all face as mothers. Designate a day of the week to meet up with friends, grab coffee or go on walk! Getting fresh air and having some laughs is a cure for cabin fever; not to mention having an actual adult conversation is a great change of pace from talking to someone who can’t talk back.

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