DIY Harry Potter Inspired Nursery

My husband and I met over a mutual affection for the incomparable Harry Potter, he was even listed on our seating chart at our wedding. So, when we became pregnant and discovered it was going to be a boy we were overjoyed with the notion that he would have a Harry Potter themed nursery. “Wit beyond measure” inspired our Ravenclaw room and over the course of my pregnancy I put together our sons grey and blue nursery on a low budget. It being in an apartment our decor was slightly limited, but with the utilization of my ‘DIY’ mentality and Dollar Tree I was able to create our magical space for under $200.


Here are 6 simple steps to a Harry Potter Nursery theme including do-it-yourself projects to create your own low-budget, Rowling inspired room.

1.Dobby’s Sock Sign 


Piece of Wood, screw in hooks, paint, paint brushes and hook to hang

Paint the wood black and use a white paint marker to create the font! Screw in hooks to hang socks and use a hook on the back to hang on the wall.

2.Deathly Hallows Shadow Box

shadowShadow Box, Acrylic paints, Scrap paper, paint brushes, scissors

Measure out scrap paper and adhere to the back of the shadow box. Print a picture of the Deathly Hallows scene and place it behind the glass on the inside of the shadow box. Using a fine brush and black paint trace the silhouette on the outside of the glass. Remove picture from the shadow box. After the black paint has dried take a brush with white paint and in a circular motion brush paint to create a moon.

3.Potion Bottles

potion.pngCorked Bottles, printer, paper, scissors, adhesive glue.

Find corked bottles at a local craft store such as Hobby Lobby. Print off colored pictures of potions from Google Images. Cut out and spray the backs with adhesive spray. Slowly apply potion label, smoothing it as you go.

4.Framed Pictures

picturesPicture Frames, Scissors, Printer, Paper

Find various Harry Potter theme picture on Google images. Print and frame!

5. Caged Owl

owlBird Cage, stuffed owl, hook

Visit your local craft store such as Hobby Lobby and pick a bird cage. Hang from ceiling with a hook and place a stuffed owl inside. Don’t worry, no clean up needed!

6. Flying Key Mobile

keysWooden Dowels, fishing line, keys (skeleton or olde fashioned work best), metal wings, hot glue gun, screw in hook

*Kudos to my sister for the inspiration and help creating this DIY project!

Hot glue the dowels together in the center, perpendicular. Wind fishing line around the center of where the dowels meet to secure. Using the hot glue gun attach metal wings to the keys. Cut varying lengths of fishing wire, you will use one for each key. Glue or tie fishing wire around the winged key and attach the opposite end of the line to the dowel. Do this for each key, placing them at random heights. Make sure to attach the same number of keys to each dowel to ensure balance when you hang the mobile. Cut two equal pieces of fishing line. Tie one end of wire to one end of the dowel and the other end to it’s opposite end. Repeat with the second wire to the second dowel. Using your screw in hook hang your mobile from the ceiling.

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