Feel Great in Your Postpartum Body

Mom-bod is a real thing, however it is nothing to be ashamed of. You have spent over 9 months growing a human, things shift, stretch and change. Sometimes those changes are more permanent than we expect, and for a new mom whose hormones are still adjusting our physical appearance can definitely take a hit on our self- esteem.

We are surrounded by social media and pages or profiles of celebrities and people who appear cat-walk ready a week after giving birth. It is so hard not to look at those pictures and think “Wow, I wish I could look like them”. 8 months after giving birth to my son and my body is still not quite the same. Though the changes are minor I’m realizing the permanence they might have. I’ve heard it said it takes 9 months for your body to get that way, it will take 9 months to get it back. This might be encouraging to some extent, but realistically my body might never go back to the way ‘it was’, and instead of getting down on myself for not having the flat tummy I used to I need to change my perspective.

Rather than comparing myself to those ultra-fit moms I need to look at the contrasts. My body isn’t their body, I don’t dedicate my life to fitness and I don’t have 3 hours a day to workout, nor do I have a personal chef, meal planner or stylist. A typical full-time mom, or any regular mom, won’t have the opportunities to focus so much on their bodies and perfect every ‘flaw’. The so called ‘flaws’ should be viewed as battle scars that represent an irreplaceable trophy. We shouldn’t be hiding our postpartum changes, we should be flaunting them! That stretch mark? Ya, that was from my son because I carried him like the beast I am. That overstretched skin represents so much more than brokenness. It is a representation of who God created us to be, child bearers. If our creator doesn’t see us as flawed because of our bodies, why should we? I would choose a billion stretch marks if it meant that I could have my son; and unfortunately, some women don’t get the opportunity to receive the trophies we sheepishly hide.

Our postpartum bodies might never be the same and that’s OKAY! So stop focusing so much on the mirror, stop pulling at your stretched out skin and crying over your tiger stripes. As long as you’re the healthiest version of you, who CARES about the things you can’t change and focus on the things you can. Being healthy both mentally and physically are important elements in being the best mom possible. Exercising daily helps release endorphins which boost your mood and gives you energy! With kids energy is an invaluable resource. Eating right is also really important as it helps maintain a healthy weight and makes you feel really good about yourself.

As a parent you set the stage for your kids. Show them that you’re not ashamed of the progressions your body made to create them, and that the parts of you that can’t be changed aren’t bad. Take pride in your physical transformations, because although your body might not be the same, neither are you. Now you’re a mom smiley

Check out these awesome moms rocking their pospartum bodies with pride!

Baby Bodies



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