What Mother’s Day Really Means

As the weekend approaches every mom is anxious with anticipation for the macaroni necklaces, cards, flowers and breakfasts in bed that await them for the one day out of the year they receive direct appreciation for the around the clock, 365 days a year job. We as mothers have many ups and downs that make us question our validity, our sanity and our purpose. Our job is not seamless, it is not simple and it is far from accomplished. Moms are never done mothering, we are never done worrying, and we are never done trying to help our children grow.

Mother’s Day is an exciting day, not because we need the gifts, but because we treasure the time and revel in the appreciation. Some days pass without a ‘thank you’, and some days are filled with tears, locking ourselves in the bathroom for a moment to ourselves and a glass of wine. All the work we put forth into raising our families, the cleaning, the chores, the errands, the bath times, bedtimes, cooking and being the emotional hub to our family unit. It is an obstacle course and we are bumped, bruised and scarred in the process. Some days are difficult to find the positives. When being sleep deprived, hangry and emotional create a trifecta for an atomic explosion, we break down and it is hard to get back up.

Admittedly one day a year is not enough to praise our daily triumphs, but Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate more than just our exhaustive accomplishments. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to give praise to God for choosing each of us to be the mother of our kids. He designed us specifically to parent the children He has given us, I was created to be Ezra’s mother. My life is a progression of moments towards the present, molding me and sharpening me with the tools and wisdom that Ezra will specifically need. I marvel at the unimaginable notion that God has predestined each of us for the sons and daughters He blesses to us. Out of all the women on the earth, God chose me for my son and future children. That in itself is more than enough gratitude than I could receive from my husband and son, to know that God thinks I am special enough for the task of being a mom for my son and trust me to raise Ezra to be an honorable and righteous man.

Even when it feels impossible, even when tears pour, the anger and frustration build and it seems pointless remember that we are not pointless, we are purposeful, important and vital. Mother’s Day is more than just gifts, it is more than just a ‘Thank you’, free meal or day as a family. It stands as a reminder that each of us has been placed in our child’s life for a purpose.

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