The Real Truth About Motherhood

Familiar with the song ‘Ironic’ by Alanis Morissette? Being a mother is kind of like that. ‘You can never leave the house with everything you need the first time you lock the door’ should definitely be an additional verse in the motherhood version. Today I left the apartment, locked the door, went to put Ezra in his car seat only to realize it was in the house. On take 2 I actually got into the car, started to pull away and had to throw the car into drive so I could park, run into the apartment and grab the papers I needed off the fridge. The sad thing is that this has happened to me the past 3 days. It’s frustrating and exhausting, yet I can’t help but laugh.

Being a mom I realize that moms definitely do not have it all together. I had to ask Clay where the keys were after losing them… in my hand. The reality of insanity during motherhood is all too real, it is a miracle we make it through the day. But by God’s grace we do and at night I reflect on the mishaps I experienced and cherish them, because I know the insanity is a result of raising a little one. All too soon the house will grow quiet and Clay and I will miss the chaos.

What it really is like being a mother is definitely not glitz, nannies, being on time or looking amazing. To me being a mom is chasing my 9 month old around all day while hearing ‘momma, momma, momma’ played on surround sound, wearing the same 3 shirts because my options are pathetically limited, putting on make-up to grocery shop because now that’s what ‘going out’ means. My hair is a hot mess, the laundry somehow magically replenishes itself right as I fold the last shirt and the dishwasher is always needing to be emptied. Motherhood also comes with an invisible creature that creates a mess every time my back is turned… okay it’s actually my cat but I know I’m not the only.

Alanis Morrisette may have written her song as an ode to the ironies of life, but irony is what motherhood consists of. In honor of this post I decided to write my own version, let’s call it Ironic 2 (terribly original). For added effect sing along to this youtube video 🙂

ironi (1)

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