How To Build a Vintage Rack for Under $20

This week I was pondering what to do with a leftover piece of wood I had for an upcoming project. Too small to make into much I decided to create a useful piece for my bedroom and tired of Clay putting his towels over the door in the morning I knew what I needed. So I grabbed my trusty backpack (it’s a diaper backpack, nothing like Dora) and baby and we headed to our own personal happy place, Hobby Lobby. I bought the materials I didn’t have such as wall hooks, mismatched knobs and stencil and checked out with my goods. I was hoping to hit a $15 max, but unfortunately T- Mobil wasn’t feeling generous and I couldn’t load my 40% off coupon online. Thanks T- Mobile, I could have saved $1.

After returning home I quickly got to work while Ezra played and in no time I had the perfect accent piece which also served a functional purpose on my bedroom wall.

large hook

hook 9

I loved how it turned out and am so excited to share it with you! For under $20 this idiot proof DIY can transform your wall from an empty space to eye catching statement. The best part of this hook rack is that it can be used for hats, coats, scarves, jewelry, keys or whatever you’d like. Want to build one yourself? Here’s How!


You will need a wood board Mine was 5″x 3Ft (Fun Fact: Home Depot will cut any wood to size), 2 colors of paint (spray or regular acrylic work fine), ruler, sponge, sandpaper, knobs, wall hooks, screw driver, pencil, level.

Step 1. Assemble the materials


Step 2: Paint your board the base color. I chose a sea-foam green as my base color to accent the colors of my bedroom. Allow the paint to Dry.

Step 3: After the paint has air dried use your stencil to create a pattern on your board. Use a sponge to dab the second paint color onto the stencil. Dab gently to prevent smudging.


Step 4: Eat a cookie while your paint continues to dry completely

Step 5: After your paint is no longer tacky, take the sandpaper and lightly rub the painted side of your board to create a rustic texture and appearance.

Step 6: Flip your board over and measure out your wall hooks equidistantly from the center. I measured mine 2cm from the top of the board and 5cm in. Nail hooks into the back of your board. hook 8


Step 7: Turn your board over with pattern side up. With a pencil (or chalk) mark out where to place your knobs. If you have uneven number of knobs measure out the center and work your way out. I measured the center and spaced my knobs 6 inches apart.

Once you have measured out where to place your knobs you can attach them to your board.

hook 7

Step 8: After you have completely attached all of your knobs or hooks it’s time to hang it up! To get an idea of how high you want your hooks hold it against the wall before your put any nails in. When you know where you’d like it place the first screw in the wall with your screwdriver, then hang your board on that screw while holding the other side. Place your level on the top of the board to make sure it is straight, and mark with a pencil on the wall where the top of the board meets the wall.

Take your board off the wall and from the pencil mark measure down the 2cm where your hook is placed on the board. Make sure to measure the distance between the hooks on your board to have the right spacing. Place the second screw into the wall for the second hook, hang and admire!



12 thoughts on “How To Build a Vintage Rack for Under $20

  1. caitpb says:

    I love that you painted that stencil pattern on it! I am thinking of making our master bath have a boho vibe, and this would make a great towel holder!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Being Mrs. McIntosh says:

      First off, I love your blog name haha. Secondly, I cannot tell you how EASY this was and how many stencils there are out there. At Hobby Lobby there were several boho style stencils to choose from. If you make this I would love to see results! Good luck!

      Liked by 2 people

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