DIY Frame Jewelry Display

I have to be honest, I don’t often wear necklaces anymore because tiny hands like to yank on them. However, I do really love at least getting to showcase them in my bedroom and gaze longingly until I get to wear jewelry once again, alas. A few years ago when I moved into my first apartment I created a necklace holder out of an old frame. Easiest thing ever and I have used it ever since!

It requires minimal materials, one of which you might already have laying around and so simple it’s easier than switching to Geico.

Materials: Wooden frame, pencil, Screw hook, nail, hammer, measuring tapejewelry holder 4

*Frame must be wooden, plastic will break

Step 1: Empty the wooden frame, you will only be utilizing the actual frame piece, not the backing or glass.

Step 2: Measure the center of the top of your frame and make a mark with your pencil. This will mark where you will place your hooks. Measure 3 inches out on both sides and mark with your pencil once again. Continue this until you have the desired number of hook marks for your frame.

jewelry holder 5

Step 3: Screw the hooks into the spots marked by the pencil.

jewelry holder

Step 4: Carefully hammer a nail into the wall & hang your frame.

jewelry holder3

Step 5: Place your jewelry on the hooks!

jewelry holder 6

Simple, easy, yet a totally non-cheesy way to display your gems ♥ If you have a lot of jewelry make multiples and hang them in a gallery wall format!


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