Create Your Own Rustic Sign in 7 Easy Steps

Rustic and barnyard decor is all the hype right now. Go into any craft or decor store and there are signs abundant! Sometimes though, it can be hard to find one that fits your theme, colors and budget or has a phrase that speaks to you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take the image in your head and it just appear? Well, it can! Of course there is a little work involved but creating a handmade rustic sign doesn’t have to break the bank or be time consuming. This easy to follow step tutorial will allow you to create the perfect handmade rustic sign for your home in under 30 minutes!

Handmade Rustic Sign

Supplies: Wood board, 2 acrylic paint colors (I used one light, one dark) , paint pen, paint brush/ paint sponge, hook, hammer, pencil, ruler.

1.Gather your supplies. Wipe your board off of any dust particles and put your paint on a plate.


2. Paint the first coat of dark paint on your board. The strokes can be haphazard and inconsistent. This will give it an unfinished appearance. Allow paint to dry.


3. Over top of the dark coat use your lighter color to make quick, uneven strokes. Dab your brush into the paint and remove excess by dabbing it onto your plate until there is very little paint on your brush. This will help give it a textured look and allow the darker paint to peak through.


4. As the paint continues to dry find your inspiration for your quote. Consider where you will put the sign, kitchen, bedroom, entry way, bathroom, etc. This will help you narrow your search and find something that fits perfectly for your space! Need help? Click here to visit my pinspiration board.

5. Once your paint is completely dry grab your pencil. Freehand or trace your chosen quote with pencil onto your sign. To make sure it’s centered first write or trace your quote onto a large piece of paper/ paper bag, butcher paper, wrapping paper, whatever paper and place it onto your board. Then trace over the letters with your pencil to create indents where your words are!

Can’t freehand? No worries, open a word doc and type out your quote in the font you want. Then put your paper to the screen and trace over the letters! So easy. rustic5

6. With white paint or paint pen trace over the letters.

*Hint for freehand: For a modern calligraphy feel make your down-strokes thicker


7. Flip your sign over and measure the center. At the center, place your hook and nail it in. Ta da! Your sign is ready to gift or hang!


And every time someone asks you “Did you get that at Hobby Lobby?” you can proudly say “Heck no girl, I made that!”.




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