Growing Your Faith

Staring at our bank statement online the other day I started stressing. $12.00 wouldn’t cover the bills that automatically came out of our account and the reality of hitting $0 was all too real. Summer was definitely here, the snowbirds were back in their nests up North and so was the money. Naples is a seasonal town that thrives in the winter months; however come summertime the roads may be clear but the frivolous spending of all the millionaires ends. Our once abundant account had been drained to nearly nothing in the matter of only a few weeks. With money tight we began budgeting, hoping that the money we had would stretch for what we needed. Even though we have payments to make on our credit card, ongoing issues with medical insurance, hospital bills, rent, groceries and other various costs of living we gave it to God and knew that what money he blessed us with would be sufficient. It would mean not going out to eat, or having drinks, buying clothes or the unthinkable not visiting Hobby Lobby (*sigh), but the responsibility of adulthood was beckoning as was the call to fully trust in the Lord and grow our faith.

With the money dwindling and new issues arising my stress had me second guessing whether continuing to be a stay at home mom or going back to work. But God is so good you guys! Our faith in him did not go unfulfilled and soon after praying about finances and work he began answering in HUGE ways. The first came after being notified that our insurance company dropped our son without notice. We went in to discuss the issue running crazy scenarios through our heads and were loaded with fighting words, ready to go fisticuffs after almost an entire year of tolerating their ridiculous shenanigans. However, when we left we had settled on a new plan that was $300 cheaper! THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH back into our pockets. This alone was a game changer and some of our burden was lifted. Though this eased some stress we still had an abundance of things to pay for without the money to pay for them.

But just as doubt began to creep in, God answered our prayers a second time. Scrolling through the e-mails on his phone Clay came to me one day with astonishing news. Florida Power and Light e-mailed us indicating that because of our excellent payment record they were crediting us $190 to our account. This would be enough to cover our FPL bill for the next 3 months! I was nearly brought me to tears and all I could say was “Thank you God”. I’d never heard of a company giving their customers such a large amount just for paying on time, but it was undeniably divine intervention.

At this point I didn’t feel as though I would be surprised by any gift God gave us, but of course I was so wrong. Going in to Ezra’s pediatrician to discuss the nearly $3,000 bill insurance was neglecting to cover I had little expectation that I would leave in a good mood. Talking to the nurse I asked her about the situation and she nonchalantly informed me that insurance had paid for all his bills just last month and that I had a $75 credit on my account. I felt like I was on Oprah…


Blessings were pouring in one after another, but just like the Home Shopping Network, there was more. With my lease of my Corolla coming to an end Clay and I decided to return the lease and keep his old Lexus to fix up and drive as our second car. Without a car payment each month we would be saving another $256. Adding up what God had provided us with and what we were saving over the course of the summer was upwards of $1,300. A significant amount when comparing it to the meager $12.00 sitting in our account. Yet suddenly that $12 wasn’t so intimidating.

Today I signed onto our bank. Over drafted. But the automatic emotion wasn’t fear, it wasn’t apprehension and it wasn’t doubt. After everything God had given us in such a short period of time the fact that we had nothing in our bank wasn’t met with trepidation, it was met with an overflowing joy with the knowledge that God provides, always. Even when it seems as though the bank is drained, our hearts are full with the awareness of His presence, every single step of the way.

I would absolutely love to hear an instance in which God provided perfectly to your needs! Share in a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Growing Your Faith

  1. jenn watson says:

    God is SO good and ALWAYS provides! My husband and I always dreamed that I could work part-time when we had kids, however with going part-time it’d be really tight to raise a family. A few weeks after we found we were having a baby my husband got a call from another courthouse asking him to come work there. His current job and the job offer had numerous salary battles over him and he ended up taking the new job with higher wages and better growth opportunities. God knows what he is doing and always provides and cares for us!

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  2. caitpb says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL story! My husband found a job when I was 6 months pregnant after looking for the first 9 months of our marriage! It was such a blessing. And I found an awesome job I can do at home and still be a stay at home mom. I work 10 hours a week from home and am working on growing my blog in the mean time. But I get to stay home with our son, which is the most important part!

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