DIY Wooden Monogram

One of my close friends recently had a baby and of course I had to get her a present. I prefer to put a personal touch on my gifts so rather than getting her clothes I decided to make her something for the baby’s bedroom. A little nursery decor adds a special touch and when it’s personalized it can be something she uses for years down the road. I decided to go with a wooden monogram plaque. Having created a similar piece for Ezra’s nursery I knew what materials I would require and that it wouldn’t break the bank. I’m always up for an affordable DIY and got excited that this particular craft would get to be shared with someone very close to me. Compiling my list of materials I gathered what things I had on hand and headed to my favorite place to retrieve the rest.

Entering Hobby Lobby I bee-lined it for the wooden craft section, passing quickly through the sales, frames and Christmas decor. It was tough, but I made it to my destination without reaching for any unnecessary goodies. Once I got to the wood craft aisle I picked up an oval plaque, wooden letter ‘E’ and then passed through the scrapbook paper and grabbed 2 complimentary patterns, a brightly colored floral and a pink stripe. Returning home I gathered my things and got to work. After only about 1 hour (including dry time) I had my masterpiece, ready to be sent in the mail and hung on the nursery wall. Simple, elegant and feminine this DIY can be adapted for any age and any space.

DIY Wooden Monogram Plaque 

Materials: Wood oval, wooden letter, 2 pieces of scrapbook paper, pencil, scissors, spray adhesive (OR mod podge), wood glue, hook, polyurethane.


Step 1: Take your base pattern scrapbook paper (I would suggest the more subtle pattern for the base) and trace your oval onto your paper. *Hint* Instead of using a pencil which might be difficult to trace the oval, use your nail or a penny to scratch along the edge to create an indent on your paper. You’ll get a perfect shape outline without mistakes!

Cut out the oval and set aside with your wood base


Step 2: Place your wooden letter onto your secondary pattern (I used my more bold floral for the letter) and using your pencil trace the letter onto the paper. Cut out your letter and set aside for step 3.

Step 3: Taking your spray adhesive, spray the wood lightly. Make sure to follow the directions on the can as over spraying can cause web like strings. Carefully adhere the paper to the wood and smooth out any bubbles.

If you are using mod-podge coat both the wood and bottom side of the paper. You can also coat the top once paper is adhered to water proof it. This would eliminate the necessity for the polyurethane.

Step 4: Once dried according to the time indicated on the adhesive, squeeze wood glue onto your wooden letter and place at the center of your plaque.

Step 5: Once dry time is up, take your polyurethane and spray or with a paintbrush (depending on which type you choose to use) apply the first coat. This will water proof your craft and keep the paper from pealing off.

Apply 2-3 coats of poly and allow to completely dry.

Step 6: Place the hook on your plaque and hammer it in!


Step 7: Flip over. Admire. Hang! Another affordable, adorable DIY project in the books.


This wooden, monogram wall plaque is an easy way to add personality to any space and versatile for any age. Want to give this craft a try? I’d love to see how yours turns out!


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