50 Simple Ways to Surprise Your Husband

surprise husbLooking for a practical and epic way to surprise your husband? Your search is over. This list of realistic ways to surprise your husband names 50 ideas to put the spark back in your relationship. From as simple as organizing his dresser drawers to as adventurous as a weekend getaway, surprising your husband doesn’t have to be complex, but it is necessary. An unexpected and thoughtful gesture reassures in many ways your affections for your spouse while showcasing selflessness and deep appreciation. Many of the ideas on this list are compiled from personal experience, and those that aren’t are on my to do list. With 50 ideas this not so short list will provide you with plenty of surprises for your man, and might even inspire him to do the same! So don’t waste any time, this list equips even the biggest couch potato with options for building intimacy that won’t break the bank.

50 Simple Ways to Surprise Your Husband

  1. Cook his favorite meal
  2. Bake him cookies
  3. Leave a love note in his pants pocket
  4. Mail him a letter
  5. Make a card with a sweet sentiment


  1. Take him to do his favorite activity
  2. Plan an impromptu date night
  3. Buy him a brand new shirt for said date night
  4. Give him a foot rub
  5. Take him for a pedicure (yes, he will actually LOVE IT)
  6. Get his work clothes ready without being asked
  7. Let him sleep in
  8. Prepare a candlelit dinner
  9. Pay him a compliment
  10. Buy him flowers
  11. Take him on a picnic
  12. Set up a guys night for him and his friends
  13. Have a romantic evening set up for when he gets home from work ie., candles, music, wine
  14. Build a fort while he is gone and stock it with pillows, blankets, snacks, drinks and have a movie night
  15. Surprise him with a themed date
  16. Buy his favorite candy and leave it in the driver’s seat… unless it’s chocolate and it’s hot out. Not a good surprise
  17. Get his favorite beer
  18. Give him 1 1/2 hours of un-interrupted video game time
  19. Play a video game with him (unless you’re me, then don’t because you can’t tell a controller from a sock)
  20. Draw him a bath with music and candles
  21. Do his chores for 1 day
  22. Make him breakfast in bed
  23. Write a message on the bathroom mirror
  24. Create a scavenger hunt around the house or around town that leads him to the bedroom
  25. Buy sexy lingerie (double win)
  26. Call his boss and make the day a “sick day”, and use it as a day trip out of town (risky, but adventurous!.. also not probable for a lot of us, but a fun idea IF you can pull it off)
  27. Take him to a local brewery for beers and games
  28. Plan a double date with your close friends
  29. Spoil him with a subscription to a shave club! Super affordable and practical
  30. Watch his favorite movie/ marathon
  31. Find out his favorite hobby and make a date of it
  32. Go on a hike together


  1. Book a hotel room for a mini staycation- or Airbnb
  2. Spend a day acting like a tourist, taking him to all the best spots
  3. Surprise him with lunch at work on his break
  4. Take him to the mall and buy him a new outfit
  5. Order his favorite teams sports apparel
  6.  Go out for a night of dancing
  7. Organize his dresser drawers
  8. Make a game night with his favorites
  9. Go one day without complaining or nagging (trust me, he’ll notice)
  10. Create a coupon book. Need ideas? Click here for some pinspiration!
  11. Book a sitter or take the kids to Grandmas to spend a night at home in peace
  12. Go on a leisurely drive with no destination in mind
  13. Make him a memories scrapbook of all your favorite times together

I hope this list gave you some ideas for surprising your husband! Have a suggestion to add to the list? I’d love to hear it, comment with your suggestion below. Thanks for reading, now go be awesome. For more ideas follow my Date Night Pinterest board.


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