Be On Your Guard: The War Against Your Marriage

against (1).pngThe other day while I prepped dinner I started thinking about Clay’s past relationships and I had the sudden urge to log onto his Facebook and mill around his old feed. It seemed innocent enough, I was merely curious. But after a few minutes of REALLY thinking about what I was considering I asked myself ‘but why?’. I kept going back and forth between ‘oh it’s harmless‘ and ‘but what’s the real motive? What will it accomplish?’. I had a devil and angel fighting in my conscience. I’m just curious, we are married, what does the past matter now? But something inside me kept fighting back, ‘but seriously why? Why look at his old girlfriends? It will only make you jealous, resentful and spiteful‘. What I quickly realized was that this battle wasn’t me against myself, it was me versus the enemy. When I realized who I was dealing with I said ‘Heck no, I am DEFINITELY not going to give in to my curiosity’. It already killed the cat, I didn’t need my marriage going down with it. He had attacked me in my weak spot, the one chink in my armor that every so often rips back open; and he nearly tore a hole big enough to start a battle between Clay and I. The battle was averted, but the war continues to wage on.


There is never a moment in a Christian marriage when it is not immediately threatened.  Why? Because Satan is a huge jerk who likes to ruin things when God is getting the glory. He wants us to be vulnerable and from the moment we exchange our vows we put a target on our backs. Unfortunately it does not take much to spoil a good thing. Those moments of desperation, despondence and anger are the moments when Satan is emptying his arrows directly onto you. The hits are sharp and painful, and what makes it worse is how he pins spouse against spouse to the point where we are the ones shooting the arrows at each other. We enable him to use us for his dirty work and in the process create a gaping hole for him to sneak through. It is at those exact moments we need to realize who the true enemy is and rather than shooting down our spouse we should be donning our armor and waging our battle against the real enemy, together.


The arrows are always flying, the war is always waging and we can’t dodge every single arrow that befalls us, but God tells us what we should do in the heat of battle.  “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes” Ephesians 6:10-11. He tells us emphatically that by wearing the full armor of God we can stand against Satan’s attacks. We must be fitted with the proper equipment to wage our war in retaliation. The armor of God is impenetrable, and if we are properly fitted with each part then Satan has no chance. 

Arm yourself

Breastplate of righteousness- this is a statement of faith and protects your heart against the enemies schemes. 

Gospel of Peace- Always be on the offense, prepared and ready. 

Shield of Faith- Our shield protects us from the doubt the devil plants in our minds, that God won’t pull through and his word is empty. 

Helmet of Salvation- A helmet protects the head and in turn protects your mind. 

Sword of the Spirit- Ready to strike down an attack in the heat of battle the sword is armed with the Spirit, what weapon could be better?

When we let our guard down and take off our armor Satan may win a battle, but thank God he has already won the war. Satan is fighting a losing campaign and we should be encouraged by that news. Jesus defeated him a long time ago and because of his victory we are each free, disentangled from his web of deceit. Though I am encouraged that in the end our God reigns, it is paramount that we not let our guard down and forget that Satan is still a very real threat to each marriage in Christ. Be on the lookout, be mindful for an opportunity and always wear your armor. Know the voice of the spirit, be ready for an attack, always have your shield of faith and seek righteousness in every situation. Don’t let the enemy whisper in your ear ‘It’s okay, just give his Facebook a quick look over’ and don’t allow him to use you as a weapon against your spouse. It only takes a little curiosity, a small lie and one arrow to start a battle.

Want to learn more about the Armor of God explained? Click here to order ‘The Armor of God’ by Priscilla Shirer as she dissects the armor of God and how you can utilize it against daily battles.

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