DIY Wooden Bathtub Tray

Taking baths is a retreat from the stress of life, it is my getaway and a place of peace. But nothing is worse when taking a bath than having nowhere to rest my book, ending up with a tired arm or soggy pages. Thankfully, I have the perfect solution (you’re welcome). Bathtub trays are all the rage, being both functional and adding elegance to a tub. But no need to pay $50 for a bathtub tray when you can make it for less than half the price! So, for your DIY pleasure I have below an amazingly, easy tutorial for even the most simple of people. Put on your junk clothes, head to Home Depot and start reading to find out how you can make your very own wooden bathtub tray 🙂


DIY Wooden Bathtub Tray

Step 1. Measure your tub width from wall to edge of bath ledge. With your measurements head to Home Depot (or wherever you choose to purchase your awesome wooden tray equipment) and look for a wood that you like best. Ask a worker to help you if need be, they know wood best and are happy to help point you at the right type.

Step 2. Go to the cutting center at Home Depot and give them your measurements! They cut them down to size for you on location for FREE! After they cut the big piece ask them to cut 2 pieces 3″ wide and same length as the large pieces width… if that sounds confusing see picture below 🙂 big-piece-width-of-tub.png

Step 3: At home find a good working space with ventilation. Sand each piece of wood and make sure to get the edges, they splinter easily when cut.

giphy (5)

Step 4: Once you’re all sanded wipe down your wood pieces to get rid of excess dust. Then with your chosen stain color and brush/ rag go ahead and start staining! Make sure to read all directions on your paint first before starting. Allow your paint to dry for at least an hour before continuing.


Step 6: Once your paint is completely dry, choose which side will be the top, and which will be the bottom. Flip your wood over so that the bottom is facing up. Take your small pieces and measure out where you will place them, equidistantly. Apply wood glue to the bottom side of your 2 wood pieces. Adhere in the designated measured spot. Let the glue dry for the amount of time in the directions of the wood glue you used (some brands vary).



Step 7: Flip your tray over once again and measure out the placement of your tray handles! Find handles below if you want something unique.1504138921919.jpg

Step 8: Place in your tub, decorate and enjoy!



Cheers to candlelit baths with dryer magazines and a place to rest your elbows!


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