Mom’s You Can’t do it Alone

I sat and watched the other day as Ezra tried to use a spoon. It was a ridiculous mess and the experience was cringe worthy as each spoonful made it ineffectively into his mouth and effectively onto the floor. After losing almost half of his oatmeal I lost my patience and decided it was time for me to intervene. “Ezra, you can’t do this by yourself. Let me help”, and after a brief struggle to take the spoon I finally succeeded and helped him eat the last bite. As I said this to my one year old I heard an echo of an all too familiar voice. Replace Ezra with Lydia and I hear God saying, “Lydia, you can’t do this by yourself. Let me help”. A 25 year age gap between me and my son doesn’t change the fact that I am just like him. I take on more than what I am capable of, and struggle to maintain control while creating a disaster until God sweeps in and takes over. In this moment I realized I can’t do it all and I can’t do it alone. 

psalm 55


Though I’ve mastered the art of using a spoon, there is very little that I can do without help. As moms we often take on too much, ensuring everyone else has it all together while we fall apart. The pile of crap we take on is a burden that no one person can handle and we quickly get buried underneath. We say yes to everything vainly believing that since we are a mom we can do it all and only after we fail miserably do we learn that we can’t. The reason we fail is because we try to do it all by ourselves. This is a recipe for disaster, yet a continuous mistake every mom makes. While there is no cure for failure there is a way to greatly lighten the load we tend to suffocate under. ‘Cast your burden upon the Lord and he will sustain you.

If we know a remedy for our constant demise then why do we continuously ignore the ever present help that sits before us? Because we (like my one year old) think we can handle an apparently simple task, yet don’t have the capability to carry it out successfully. It is a misguided notion that doing-it-all is a part of our job description. Doing- it- all is not in our realm of ability, but it is in God’s. I wouldn’t attempt to build a skyscraper, I am not an architect. Likewise, I am not God, so how can I expect to do God’s job successfully? I can’t, I never could and I never will. It is time to put aside our ego, stop setting ourselves up for failure and know our limitations. Understand that if we continue throughout life on our own strength we will fail, just like my sweet, yet naive baby boy. It isn’t a question of if we fail, it is a question of when.

Trying to take on our roles in motherhood and marriage on our own strength is taking on a role not intended for us alone. We were created dependently on God, and what an incredible and awesome gift it is that He wants to share his strength with us, He wants us to succeed and He wants your burdens! Take off your burdens, they’re too heavy for you alone. Cast them on the One who offers himself to us, He wants to help.

prayer (4)


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