Wooden Rustic Fall Sign

It’s officially my favorite season! And this pretty much sums up how I feel about it. giphy (6)I would definitely sleep under the leaves if I could (and if we had piles of leaves in SW Florida). The smell, the decorations and the air of fun that accompanies autumn always makes me giddy, like a little kid dressing up for Halloween. With what it costs to decorate a living space with store bought items I have over the years collected small pieces here and Hobby Lobby there and of course DIY’ed some projects for display. This year I decided to share with you my tutorial for a wooden rustic fall sign! It is SUPER easy, and adds that extra touch of fall to your wall.


Ready to get started? Just grab the following materials and you will be ready to go!

Small Piece of wood (11″x11″ or bigger), pencil, sander, white paint, paintbrush, black paint marker, Attachment image at the bottom of this post (scale to size and print) 🙂

1.Okay, first things first, take your chosen piece of wood and sand it down to make sure it’s smooth. Then using your white paint add a few coats, letting it dry in between each coat.


I used a thin paintbrush which gave it that uneven texture.

2. After the paint has fully dried take the attachment image and flip it text side down against a window so you can see where text and images are. Scribble your pencil across each image and text like so! This is how we are going to transfer the image to our wood piece. 20171004_115146.jpg

3: Flip your paper text side up onto your wood piece, you can either eye ball it or measure it to make sure it is centered. Then with a ball point pen trace the outline of the images and text. This will leave the imprint of the graphite we scribbled on your wood piece for us to color in later.

Step 4: Using your black paint pen, carefully ‘color in’ the letters and images.20171004_161329-01

And then you’re done! I also added twine around both sides of my sign for an extra element, but that is totally up to you.1507217268975-01-01

I have to say this is one of the easiest tutorials I have done yet but it really does add such a cute detail for decor. Did you try this tutorial for your home? I would love to hear how your sign turned out! Leave a comment with your picture and I’ll make sure to check it out.



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