Life Hacks You Can’t Live Without

Life hacks were God’s gift to make days easier for moms and dads the like. We can now store things easier, water our plants without having to physically do it ourselves and create delicious meals with little to no prep. Parents should be privy to all the wealth of hack knowledge in the world and with so many hacks out there I had to share my 2 favorites. While simple and perhaps not revolutionary, these two ideas have helped me get things done efficiently for my brain capacity as well as my wallet.

Life Hack #1

Faux Wood Coasters

With rustic home decor trending, many have a desire to keep up with the latest. While that can be tiresome for your bank account, this particular life hack is FREE! Want to know how you can have trendy faux wood coasters? Head to your local Home Depot’s flooring department and snag a couple (or 50) FREE wood floor samples! thumbs-up-sign_1f44d Voila, they are water/wine/ coffee resistant and since they’re made for flooring are rather hardy ware.


Life Hack #2

Dry Erase Calendar

Tired of ruining your cute calendar with scribbles of canceled or rescheduled engagements? Never again! Just put your calendar page into a glass picture frame! Use a dry erase marker to write on the glass. Plans change? No biggie, just erase and rewrite.  Add a large piece of scrap paper behind your calendar for an added touch of style.

So easy, so simple! Have a life hack trick? Comment below to share your tip to make parenting and life easier.

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