13 Most Original Children’s Halloween Costumes

13Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyways Halloween where costumes are made up and political correctness doesn’t matter! Costumes are the key to Halloween, sure the candy is great, but you can go down in history for a great costume. With so many out there it can be hard to pick, so I have compiled a list of 13 best children’s Halloween costumes for you (thank you Pinterest!).




1. Matilda

Umeandthekids.com concocted this ode to 90’s kids costume by bringing to life Matilda Wormwood from the famed story by Roald Dahl.


2. Oompa Loompa 

So tiny, and so cute. The perfect portrayal of a cuter version from Willy Wonka.



3. E.T.

Phone home to make sure you have all necessary elements for this clever and minimal character creation. I however, would suggest NOT stealing a Michael’s shopping basket for your trick or treat extravaganza.



4. Shower Girl

Not a clever name (that’s my bad) but she could be the next super hero to fight for justice and maintain cleanliness (?), no? I actually laughed out loud when I saw this one, really easy, and yet hilarious!



5. Trash Can

Um, please give this child major props, not only is this costume super easy, inexpensive and hilarious, but also puts the trick in trick or treating. A++



6.Flower Pot

“A mere sprig of a girl”. We all love flowers, even if they’re fake. Get a basket, some faux flowers and you are set!



7. Cat Lady

Because there’s a little bit of cat lady in each of us… even if we own a dog.




If Starbucks can do unicorns, so can we (& we can probably do it better tbh).



9. Cruella De Ville

Cruel, yes? But this costume is definitely going to take the award.

costumeworks3 - Copy


10. Mac-n-cheese

The only thing that might make this better is bacon.

costumeworks2 - Copy


11. Lumberjack

Why are kids in facial hair so much cuter than adults in facial hair?

costumeworks - Copy


12. Rock|Paper|Scissors

If you’re looking for a family costume this one is kind of perfect. You would totally rock it…

asmallsnippet - Copy


13.Scuba Diver

I saved the best for last! Dive right into Halloween with this lil scuba number.

*Please excuse my really corny jokes*

alishroeder - Copy


These costumes can be adapted for any age, and are not limited to just the kids. Find something on the list you like and want to wear? Go for it! Halloween is the one time of year to dress as you want and still get criticized for it! Jk… Have a suggestion for a costume that isn’t on the list? Please share below!

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