DIY Serving Tray for Under $5

tray (1)You could never imagine the possibilities in store for a DIY’er at the Dollar Tree. A few weeks ago I set out to create a unique and super easy project for as low budget as possible and definitely scored huge. Besides the candy, Dollar Tree actually has a lot of really great stuff. After perusing the aisles I finally saw something that could be gold. I grabbed a pizza tray and vinyl adhesive before heading home to start on my project. 30 minutes later I had a brand new serving platter for my coffee station display! Needless to say I was really happy with the results and had to share this great DIY with all of you.

All you need to purchase is: a pizza tray, vinyl adhesive, spray paint & polyurethane (optional). You can purchase the tray and vinyl at Dollar Tree near the appliance and kitchen area. The vinyl comes in a large sheet, rolled like gift wrap in various patterns and colors! So you can choose what you like best for this tray DIY. When you head to Hobby Lobby (wink wink) for your spray paint don’t forget the 40% off coupon from their website!

I already had spray paint on hand which is why my project was only $2. Depending on what you purchase your project may cost more (but not by much). 

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff…

DIY Serving Tray for Under $5

Step 1: Assemble the necessities- scissors, vinyl adhesive, pen, string, tray, spray paint, measuring tape, spray polyurethane.

Step 2: Spray paint your tray. It may require 2 or more coats so make sure to allow the spray paint to completely dry before adding another layer of paint.20171101_175904-01

Step 3: Once your tray is painted and dry, measure the diameter of your tray. This will help you to cut the correct size vinyl circle that will adhere to the tray. 20171102_151721-01

Step 4: Unroll your vinyl and mark a dot in the middle of the sheet (on the backside so you aren’t marking the part that will show).  Take your string and tie it to your pen or marker. 20171102_152055-01Divide the diameter of your tray in half. My tray is 11 1/2″ so in half that would be 5 3/4″. Measure that on your string and hold it tight with your fingers pinching that measurement. 20171102_152140-01Place your fingers pinching the string on that dot we placed on the vinyl. Extend your pen and start drawing your circle. Yep, we are busting out the middle school math here, enjoy the flashback. 20171102_152241-01.jpeg

Step 5: Cut out the circle, and peel the vinyl off the backing. Carefully apply the vinyl circle to the spray painted pizza tray.

*The vinyl peels off easily so it’s okay if you make a mistake. Press with your fingertips as you go to smooth it out and prevent bubbles.

Step 6: Finish with the spray polyurethane. Done!

And now you have an awesome new serving tray to use in the kitchen, end table, coffee table, bathroom, wherever! Fun Fact: turn your serving tray into a magnet board and hang with ribbon! Voilá, two for the price of one.



Need some design inspiration? Here are some styling and ideas to make your tray the center of attention, no matter what room it’s in.


Thanks for reading! Peace and Blessings,


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