50 Creative Dates for the Married Couple

Dating is definitely NOT just for unwed couples and dates are an integral part of a healthy marriage. But sometimes it takes longer to plan a date than you actually spend on a date, and when dates are few and far between it is important to make them special. During winter it can be exhausting to think of something other than dinner and a movie, but I promise that a little creativity goes a long way. Take advantage of those few special hours you get with your husband alone to have fun, get out of your comfort zone and be willing let your wild side out. Looking for great winter date ideas? Each date is complete with an estimated cost, so whether you’re looking for something free or planning something special I guarantee this list of 50 Date Ideas for the Married Couple has something to offer you!


1. Make S’mores and play 20 questions
2. Set up a spa night at home, candles, massages & Pandora Radio
3. Play cards while soaking in the tub
4. Around the World dinner: Choose a country, make a dish and a dessert to represent that date night destination
5. Go outside and create a snow fort
6. Look for a  free, local event
7. Go rollerblading/ biking/ skateboarding
8. Complete a progressive dinner, hitting a different restaurant for each course
9. DIY Mixology
10. Paint each other pictures
11. Go to the thrift store, try on ridiculous outfits and photograph the excursion
12. Create a scavenger hunt and compete against each other or work as a team
13. Visit a pretty location and do a fun photoshoot
14. People Watching Bingo: fill in a BINGO sheet with descriptions of people, ie. blond hair, man wearing white pants, etc. Winner gets a foot rub
15. Play truth or dare… in public
16. Pitch a fort in the family room and honker down with all the blankets and pillows to watch a movie
17. Play never have I ever
18. Bob Ross painting party: Assemble the materials and follow along with a Bob Ross tutorial to paint some happy trees.
19. Game night… the adult version
20. Head to a park and play one versus one soccer, basketball, etc.
21. Grab some ice cream at your favorite spot, BUT you HAVE to get a flavor you’ve never ordered before
22. Buy flowers and put together 2 floral arrangements to see who has the greener thumb
23. Play the mustache game: cut out 2 mustaches and each tape one to the television in any spot. Any time during a movie or show  your mustache lines up with a characters face you have to take a drink
24. Pirate themed date: Dress up in Pirate Garb, make a surf and turf dinner and watch Pirates of the Caribbean while snacking on Pirates Booty
25. Karaoke
26. Visit your local brewery or distillery and take a tour!
27. Go clubbing like you’re back in college (it’s way more fun with your husband)
28. Finally visit that restaurant you’ve been dying to eat at
29. Buy each other a new outfit or piece of clothing for a night out
30. Pick a movie and create themed snacks and drinks for that movie! Ie. Harry Potter, Irish bread, Butterbeer and Bertie Botts Beans
31. Truth or Dare Jenga: Buy Jenga and write a truth or dare on each piece.
32. 90’s Night. Put on the plaid, Nick at Night and eat your fun dip
33. Complete a DIY project you’ve been wanting to try
34. Messy Twister: On your twister mat place whipped cream, hershey syrup or any condiment
35. Ice skating
36. Go shopping for sexy lingerie together
37. Head to your local grocery store. Give each other $10 and a time limit of 20 minutes. Each person must buy a surprise for the night to treat yourselves with later!
38. Chopped Competition: Have a friend compile a basket of miscellaneous ingredients and compete against your spouse to create the better tasting dish using all basket ingredients.
39. Have a movie marathon
40. Have a flashback to childhood night and play with play doh or slime
41. Play minute to win it games against each other
42. Watch your wedding video and flip through wedding photos while reminiscing on the big day
43. Visit the local Humane Society and pet some cats and dogs
44. Get a pedicure together (Yes, him too)
45. Chocolate fondue night! For a Chocolate Fondue recipe click here
46. Fill a kiddie pool with all of your pillows & blankets and take it outside to stargaze
47. Painting with a twist, DIY style! Get 1 2 bottles of wine and paint along with a Youtube tutorial.
48. Go on a picnic
49. Build a bonfire & tell each other attempt to tell each other scary ghost stories
50. Go on a photo scavenger hunt

So next time you and your husband are drawing a blank on how to spend quality time together, head to this list for 50 Creative Dates for the Married Couple! hands


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