Rustic Christmas Shelf Decor

cardinal pinDecember is HERE! Which means I will be frantically moving and unpacking so that our new place will be ready for the holidays. This month we are pretty strapped for cash, so December DIY’s will be uber frugal. This week’s do it yourself project comes from the Dollar Tree, and only costs $4. 3 Cheers for frugality (is that a word?) Let’s call this project ‘cardinal on a branch‘… very creative title. Alright, let’s begin!

Cardinal in a Branch

What you’ll need: a branch, faux cardinal (DT), bag of moss (DT), faux berries (DT), felt, hot glue gun, hairspray, obligatory DIY selfie.

*DT- Dollar Tree

Time Estimateclock-face-three-oclock_1f552: 15 minutes

Difficulty Level: 1


Step 1:

Assemble all of your materials listed above. Plug in your glue gun before starting so that it heats up in time to use.


Step 2:

Take a small amount of the moss to replicate a nest. You won’t need much, just enough for the one cardinal. Using your thumb create a divet in the middle until it begins to resemble a nest! Set your nest to the side for step 3.


Step 3:

Take your felt piece and draw a circle smaller than the diameter of your nest. Glue your felt piece to the bottom of your nest.


*Wow, pardon my wretched nail polish!

Step 4:

Spray with hairspray! This wil keep your nest in place. Don’t be shy with it either, pretend it’s 1963 and spray that stuff like crazy.


Step 5:

Find a spot on your branch to glue your nest where it will rest balanced and glue it on! Add your berries to your branch and cardinal to the nest. And now you have ‘Cardinal on a Branch’!


Thank you for reading this DIY post! For more DIY projects subscribe to Being Mrs. McIntosh for exclusives and sneak peaks! Happy December friends.


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